Monday, May 26, 2014

Little ballerina

It's that time of year, folks.... recital weekend.... both Saturday and Sunday. This was Cassia's second year in dance and t she did ballet. She was very excited to do the recital but more than that to get 'salon time' and meet her friends.... go figure.

Her hair was done--- by the resident hair dresser-- her Ajee, who was here until yesterday. 

So was her makeup

As soon as C came off her chair, A scrambled on and said 'I too'

A ballerina and her dance mom- as if!

This year, I went on the Saturday and Darin went on the Sunday. Made things much easier. Especially as there was no way the little typhoon one was sitting through a dance recital of 56 performances!

All ready to go inside!

On stage... so proud.
This year was markedly different from last year. She practised lots before and actually followed the routine on stage. She and her little friends were great!

Little lady and her flowers.

All her adoring fans on Saturday! 

And then we eat at a nice restaurant! Cause recitals are hard work and mommy needs wine kids get hungry!

Great job, Cassia. We're so proud of you for remembering your moves and your natural grace but more than that, for having fun and a smile on your face while doing it all! 

So that's it, no more dance until September. We will miss it as it's her favourite day for the week and I have a great time chatting with a cool group of moms. Also, I don't know if she will go back to ballet or go into jazz, tap or acro instead. She keeps changing her mind. And then next year, the classes become one hour instead of the half hour and there a four recitals instead of two! We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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