Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 15 & 16- Everyday Life in 2014

Once again, with travelling I have tons of everyday life pics to share and I'm quite backlogged. Here are week 15 and 16 of our time travelling and in TNT.

Day #106
I did a pedicure before I travelled. Cassia thought my toes looked like Easter Eggs and a couple days after, my niece Adya offered to paint spots on them to make them moreso. I politely declined. 

Day #107
Travelling time. Waiting to board the plane to TNT. The calm before the storm. Anjali is not being the best traveller these days

Day #108
Happy 50th anniversary to D's parents. A quiet day but we managed to at least get them out for dinner

Day #109
Easter Sunday. Adya had the day all planned out beginning with Easter pancakes

Day #110
We spent Easter Monday with this sweet boy, his parents and other relatives at my old home

Swinging the days away

Went by the wedding house to help but also had a bit of a photo-shoot. You can't see it hear but I was wearing white pants. After this, we went to the bride's house for a BBQ. My aunt Geeta told me that she couldn't believe I was wearing spotless white pants to a BBQ with two small kids... but they stayed spotless.... while her black skirt got messy! 

The groom and his men at the altar for the wedding rehearsal

Mehfil time

Day #115
The happy couple. They make such a beautiful couple

We were still partying until the next morning

Tobago time... more on that in a bit.

Day #118
This pic cracks me up.
Me, my bro and Darin were each holding, A, K and C respectively. The only thing was that we were underwater so we could get them alone. 

IF only she could sit so still all the time!

Okay, only 2 more to go!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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