Friday, May 23, 2014

Summ- Summ- Summer Fun

Yay, it's May.... and then comes June and SUMMER!!! This summer, Cassia will be home for the entire summer. It's a different sort of summer- no babies being born (of mine anyways), no trips to Malaysia planned, no big sort of hoopla. Just a regular fun summer in Canada. We'll do day trips, park visits, lots of playdates and picnics and one trip to NYC. We intend to make it a really fun time. Some of my best memories are of my summers growing up and I'd like my kids to have those glorious days as well, especially after the winter we've had.

Here are a few of my summer fun ideas.

1- Water fun- I bought this sand and water table yesterday because a teacher friend of mine highly recommended it and it was on sale (half off at Toys R Us, baby!). Hopefully when the weather is nice, we can get lots of use out of it. Also, my sister in law bought my kids a mini pool that we intend to put up in the back yard as well.  Seeing that bath-time takes so long, I'm optimistic that I can get some use out of that as well-- All else fails, bring out the baby wash and multi task. Oh, and my kids are too young, but water balloons and water guns are tons of fun.
Photo courtesy Step 2 website

2- The small stuff- Sidewalk chalk is everywhere these days and can take up lots of time. And check out this other cool idea for sidewalk art. And what about bubbles?! Especially for the little ones! The Gymboree ones are the best in my opinion.

3- Bike Time--- there will be tons of bike time but first we need to buy two new ones. Cassia has outgrown the one we bought her ( it was two years ago though) and little Anjali is too short to reach the pedals. I'm thinking of getting her one of those steer and stroll bikes.

Photo courtesy

4- Day Trips- there will definitely be some day trips involved. I'm thinking splash pads, water parks, zoos and safaris. I'm also going to check into street fairs , berry picking and a couple trips to Toronto as well. Additionally, there are a couple 'beaches' around the area that  look interesting--- I use the word beaches very loosely, coming from the islands.

There will also be lots of crafts, reading, summer tv watching and  ice cream eating...

And because no post is complete without these totally adorable faces...

I can't wait to read everyone else's ideas. Linking up with Kelly's Korner for SUYL.Hope y'all have a wonderful summer and a fantastic Friday!!!!

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