Sunday, May 18, 2014

Seven Things in Seven Months

Happy 7 month birthday, Miss Anjali-lo. You are such a sweet baby with a pleasant disposition. We enjoy your smiles and personality more and more everyday. Here are a seven things I have learnt about you,  Miss Anjali in your seven months.
1- You are a great sleeper- 2 naps per day and 12-14 hours straight per night. We'll take it.
2- You growl when you're chatting with us. It's kind of scary, kind of funny.
3- You ADORE your big sister and look at her with a combination of fear, surprise and delight. I think you will grow up to be great friends.
4- You don't really adore food that much but if you have to choose, you would have fruit purees. Peach and nectarine are your favourite. However, when I gave you a touch of the family's spiced butternut soup , you lapped it up. It must be all the spices you're being introduced to in utero and via me.
5- You have been teething for the longest while. Lots of drool and sensitivity and just one teeny tiny tooth.
6- You love routine but love a trip out too- just as long as it is  on your time.
7- You love bath and could spend hours in the water-- unless you're sleepy. then it's all bets off.

We love you so much and can't what to see what this month brings!


  1. She is absolutely precious!!! What a beauty!

  2. Oh my goodness did you find this in your drafts? SO sweet!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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