Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 19 & 20 of Everyday Life--- Already?!

Wow! We are almost half way through the year already! What can I say, sometimes the days are long but the year sure is flying by!

Day #134
Nectarines (and matching jammies) are awesome!!!

Day #135
I'm not calling any names-- Anjali- but someone fell into a bucket of paint water in Cassia's class. I had to use the school's emergency back up clothes. This is a size 4 pair of pants but I kind of like the palazzo look- circa '90s

Anjali's in the market for a riding mower apparently.

We went out to dinner by the new house with some friends

Day #138
Long weekend so we hit the botanical gardens

D's cousin and her husband came so we hung out in the back yard.... finally nice enough to do that

Day #140
Happy birthday to my love. He just wanted to stay at home and have some home cooked food. 
This was before we cut into the lemon cake--- and the kids didn't do it!

I forgot to take a pic of our little family.

Day #141
First tooth lost

Day #142
Check out my tree finally blooming in the back yard.

Day #143
Sometimes mama and baby just need to put rollers in our hair

Day #144
Kimono time

And also recital day #1

Day #145
And recital #2

Day #146
It's a popsicle kind of day

Day #147
The calm before the storm. We had a playdate and my friend made this cute little platter complete with butterfly shaped cheese. Seconds after, Anjali did a face plant and busted her lip.

Have a happy Wednesday. We're all caught up finally!!!

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