Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wedding prep, rehearsal, mehfil and more

A family wedding in tnt is very different from in Canada. Especially a house wedding. We didn't have this as much in our family as my brothers and my weddings were in temple and receptions were in halls or hotels. But with a house wedding, there is tons to do. It requires total fixing up of your house, your gardens, your  facilities for months in advance. It's a huge organising and coordinating effort and a ton of clean up before and after. This is what my uncle and aunt chose to do for their first son, Rian. 

Even with a decorator, a caterer and massive amounts of  help from all the friends and family, there was lots do do. There were meals to be taken care of pre-wedding, programs to be folded and sweets to be packed as tokens, shot glasses to be filled with kiss chocolates, wedding cake to be cut and put into boxes.... kind of old school and I loved every minute of it!

It would be remiss of me to also point out, that this very family was the one who helped the most for my wedding. From cutting pumpkin, to helping to decorate (for the pre-wedding stuff), to my uncle standing in for my father during the beginning of the wedding (Daddy got into traffic, another story), they have always been there for us and are truly special people. 

A few of the ladies helping with the sweets.

At the church rehearsal

The groom, Rian and his sister- a girl I like to call Sweet Roxy.

Cassia was part of the wedding party.... more of that to follow. 

All that sass in one 5 year old, Cass!

It was quite the serious event when she started though

The beautiful bride

THe night before the wedding, there wasn't the traditional Trinidadian Indian 'maticoor' night as it was a Presbyterian wedding the next day. My uncle however, decided to do a 'mehfil' night instead while everyone was helping with sorting out the chairs, helping with the decorating, folding the napkins into fans (I did one before I gave up) and just the million last minute things that needed to be done. 

The singers

My favourite Uncle

Cassia and my dad taking in the festivities.  Cassia's hand is in ice water as she got a pretty bad burn when she touched a light. She was really worried that the show couldn't go on without her.... and by show, she meant wedding.

My grandma

Relaxing by the stage

Now Anjali gets into the mix!

Next post: it's wedding time.!!

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