Monday, March 31, 2014

Kids say the darnedest things

Anjali is talking up a storm these days. She is stringing two to three words together in the most sensible and entirely cute way-- phrases like 'Mommy, over dya (there)' and 'Bush teet, peez' (Brush teeth, please). She calls D 'da-ee' instead of 'Daddy' and Cassia 'Kaya'. It's the very confident way she speaks that cracks us up though.

She's also began picking up little things that we say- in Trinidad, she picked up 'ay-ay-ay' from someone and she uses it often. I guess I also say 'Oh gosh', quite a lot since I find her saying it too- and it's in the right context most times as well!

Case in point, we went to a charity event at Darin's colleague's house the other day and she kept asking for coffee-- I jest you not. So I responded 'No Anjali, coffee is for the mornings.' To which she responded with a sigh 'Oh, gosh.' Everyone cracked up!

Sidenote, I do not give my baby coffee. It must be milk she is speaking about.

Not to be outdone, Cassia asked her dad if we were all out of scratch. Confused, D was like, 'What do you mean?' She says to him 'You know, scratch. Ajee makes oatmeal from scratch but we haven't had oatmeal for a while so I guess we must be out of scratch.'

Another side note, I also make my oatmeal from scratch but it is not the hit Ajee's oatmeal is as I suspect Ajee's is made with waaay more sugar and whole milk than mine.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

And we are reading!

It pleases me to no end that we have a little reader on our hands. I've been working all school year (okay, maybe more like 20 3-4 evenings a week since September) using this awesome book. Still, imagine my surprise when one day she just picked up a Level 1 reader and began to read! I was one proud mama! Since then, the teachers at school have noticed it as well and they let her bring a book home ever so often to read. It's apparently a really big deal for a four year old to get a book so she's pretty darn proud of herself. She loves to read the stories she brings home to us! 

The other day, I decided to take my girls to the library. I have many a fond memory of my dad taking me and my brothers to the Carnegie Hall Library down by the Library Corner in San Fernando. We passed through Harris Promenade with its tall cashew trees and many homeless people to get to the library where we could have stayed for hours. All those books to read and choose from. Looking back, there weren't that many books and we only got to borrow one at a time but it filled many a Saturday morning. 

Cass loved the library! She went from magazine to book to magazine again. She was in bliss. She would have stayed all evening but we had a cranky 20 month old who needed dinner. So off she went back to the car with her four Level One readers in hand. I see the library becoming a very frequent stop on our way home from school!

Concentration is key

Another type of concentration!

Lady, where's my grub?

Cass did what I used to do on the way home from the library when I was younger. She began reading right away in the car.. Until I stopped her--- I used to feel very nauseous doing that!

PS. I wasn't taking this picture while driving. I was in the Tim Horton's drive thru line. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our little gastronome

While I was checking my photos to select ones for everyday in 2014, I realised that many, many, many of them are with little A eating something or the other. This kid loves her food and she eats all day. 

Case in point. These are pictures I already posted on the blog. 

Roti and Channa, anyone?

I made juice pops and she loved them. (Juice, diluted or not, in a popsicle mold, easy peasy)

Cheerios first thing in the morning...before breakfast.... just to tide her over.

From the minute she gets up, this kid is ready to eat (after brushing her teeth of course- sidenote, she has such straight teeth, I think it looks like little baby veneers). First of all, I sneak fruits, seeds and veggies into our smoothies daily. But from the bland and regular like buttered toast and cheddar cheese to the weirdly texturized chapchae noodles, kale salad, scallops and jumbo shrimp, this kid will try it all.  She is also interested in whatever is on my plate. Sometimes, she is done after a few bites but most times she would have her fair share. She loves her fruits and veggies but also loves her kurma and doubles. I'm never worried when we try a different restaurant, as I know there will always be something she can eat. 

This pleases me to no end. I've always wanted my kids to be adventurous eaters the way D and I are. I put a lot of thought into what I give my kids to eat. We make sure that protein, complex carbs, fruits and veggies are on their plates every day but I also don't dumb my cooking down to cater to a simple palate. Though I believe kids have delicate palates, I think it's my job to introduce them to new and different spices, tastes and textures within reason.. Granted, I don't add any peppery ingredients into my cooking, but other than that, I'm adventurous within reason. I also tell my kids, well Cassia really, that I am not a short order cook. She has to try whatever is on her plate. 

I also make sure there is  fruit, washed, sliced and in a bowl on the kitchen counter for them to nibble on afternoons. This I think helps cut down on our refined sugar intake in this house. 

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I love my food but apparently not as much as the D and C. In fact, when I asked Cass how come she was still eating, she said 'Remember Mommy, Daddy and I are the hungry ones in this house.'

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 11- Everyday Life in 2014

Here we go again. Nice, normal week. I've begun to truly appreciate these everyday moments and now it's become second nature to grab my phone and take a quick shot.

Day #78
Cassia had a visit to the maple farms and brought home this piece of maple candy. Oh how Anjali loved it. She started to bite the wrapper to get into it and when she finally got it, pure bliss!!!

Day #79
Happy 1st Day of Spring
1 degree celcius.... Brrr
It only got colder after that in the days to follow

Also, went to the Dr to check Cassia's ears. I don't know what C was doing here.

Day #80
Have you ever tried moscato grapes. D brought home some on Friday and they were divine!!

Day #81
We had some friends come to visit and loads of hilarity ensued. 

Day #82

Day #83
Little Miss Independent wanted to eat her own soup. Please note all the soup everywhere else. 

Day #84
I went to a friend's house to meet her new baby. Someone was not impressed when I held him.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

4 under 5

On Saturday, our friends Sean and Amra came to visit with their two kids Arisa (8 months younger than C) and Aaron (4 months younger than A). We live more than an hour apart so when we visit each other, we usually spend quite a few hours together. We have a lot in common with the very cool grown ups and Arisa is one of Cassia's favourite people. It was a hectic, fun, entertaining evening... with lots of blurry pictures apparently....sidenote, I finally got my fantastic Nikon d3200, a birthday present from D... you would think I would upload from it more. 

First, the little ladies put on a show

This is what 'backstage' looked like.

Anjali wanted to be part of the show as well

Who said boys were more trouble? This dude was more content to play on his own with all the girl toys and his foot.

Having some fruit--- we limited their sugar and there were still loads of shrill pitches.

THis is what my house would be like if I had 4 kids

Now for some balancing

And some more....

A little downtime after playing, snacking, arguing and watching 'Frozen'. The grownups had some adult beverages then. 

We tried to take pics of the four kiddos together. This was the best one. #nophotographyawardsforme

Check out these cuties in their jammies!

Aaron planted a sweet goodnight kiss on Anjali. Looks like a real tabloid photo, no!?

We have our eye on you, little man!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sweet Sunday

The title of this post was going to be  lazy Sunday until I realised that as a parent, there really isn't anything as a lazy anything. Yes, we didn't see anyone today or go anywhere but we cooked, cleaned, organised and did laundry... and it really was a team effort. Take a look...

Guess who decided she was big enough to start washing dishes. #thankyouGod #mamaneedsavacay

Then we go dressed up

Look who sucked on a marker when we weren't looking

After  all the fun, cleaning and  watching tv, my ladies and I decided to have a pizza-making party

Tomato sauce and fancy dress-- not a good idea.
Out comes the apron. 

Look who decided to snack on cheese. Also, look who didn't change out of her sleeper all day. Guess it really was a lazy Sunday!

The finished product (uncooked)

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the finished cooked product. These ladies were starving!


Love my family!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Catch up and the relatives cross the border

It's been a busy couple weeks. March break has come and gone. As we were just in Trinidad, this time we  did a staycation- a word that Cassia loves and now uses frequently. We spent March break quietly, visiting friends and family, doing little fun activities, watching movies and running errands. We even made it out to TO to see Disney on Ice (for the third time!). It was a very welcome relaxing week. 

On Saturday, my mom and brother also came to visit. Initially my brother and sister in law had planned to come, but she couldn't so my mom decided to accompany him instead. We had fun spending lots of time together, eating cupcakes (sugar detox was on hiatus for this weekend!) and scaring my brother who is expecting his first baby in July. He just didn't realise that babies are so much work! 

Grandma and her girl!

No pictures please!!
This kid doesn't mess with her food!
I love a good white beer!

Green Beer for St P's!

Out to lunch at Moxie's 
He NEVER smiles!!
Just napping in the mall 

Roti Making Time

Must have skipped a generation
Everyone's getting in on the action! 

Sidenote, my mom and bro left this morning at 4:15 and I haven't gone back to sleep since! On my second cup of tea but it's amazing how much I've gotten done!
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