Sunday, March 9, 2014

A hairdresser and a typhoon

This post was written up in the beginning of February and I was supposed to schedule it for Feb 6th but  for obvious reasons didn't. Here goes.

I've been scarce these days. Two reasons.

Firstly, I've started working part-time from home- I'm starting small- only 5-10 hours a week and I usually work during Anjali's nap and at night when the girls are asleep... the time when I usually blog.  It's been fun though- my brain is getting a little bit of a workout-- and we know I love my exercise ;) I've also started working on some stuff for the social media for Cass' school and  that's been great as well.

And secondly, it's because recently I've found myself so busy with these two crazy kids. When I am focusing on one, the other one often gets into trouble and vice versa. I found Cassia locked in her cupboard with her new left handed scissors the other day giving herself a trim-- seriously, she layered the front of her hair and though I hate to admit it--- she sort of did an okay job of it--- kind of like someone in their first month of hair-dressing school. And then of course she gave Ariel a bob and chunks of red synthetic hair lingered on our rug for days after.

See the layers chopped off in the front?

And boy has Anjali been a handful recently. She does not walk, she runs. She does not talk, she shrieks. She is always climbing (gulp), tiptoeing to reach an object or balancing on something... like the open dishwasher door. If she is quiet for a minute-- though I enjoy the peace from the shrieking, I get nervous. Cause more often than not, she gets into some very messy trouble-- usually with my most expensive makeup. We call her the typhoon... I can't ever remember Cassia being this much of a handful!

These toes are always tiptoeing

And climbing!

And sometimes balancing

So yes folks, whoever said being at home with your kids is easy (and I did have some uninformed fool individual say that to me the other day), lied!!

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