Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We heart Cousins

Boy, did Cassia have a wonderful time in Trinidad. She always talks about how it was a great 'vacation' and for her it really was. She did not leave her grandparents house in 2 weeks!! Well she went outside but that was about it. She was truly in vacay mode, playing for hours on end, watching movies, swinging, running around eating waaayyy too much sugar and having the time of her life--- so much more so because of all the cousins she had around. They chatted, laughed, cried giggled and fought but all in all had the best time ever. In one week, my kids virtually saw all the cousins they had from the New Foundland ones to the Chicagonians to the Trinis. Due to a very sad circumstance but the kids really enjoyed the time together.

I am so happy that she has so many cousins and a lot in and around her age too. Growing up, I was younger than most of my cousins on my dad's side and older than my cousins on the maternal side. It's basically the same for both my kids but the gaps are closer. I love my cousins... some of them are among my favourite people in the world (I'm looking at you Ron and Rox) so I'm glad that my kids have so many playmates and hopefully life-long friends. 

Animals were involved as well. 

Some of them even look alike

These were the New Foundland cousins 

This is not what it looks like. 

The babies... If only A would stop moving.

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