Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 11- Everyday Life in 2014

Here we go again. Nice, normal week. I've begun to truly appreciate these everyday moments and now it's become second nature to grab my phone and take a quick shot.

Day #78
Cassia had a visit to the maple farms and brought home this piece of maple candy. Oh how Anjali loved it. She started to bite the wrapper to get into it and when she finally got it, pure bliss!!!

Day #79
Happy 1st Day of Spring
1 degree celcius.... Brrr
It only got colder after that in the days to follow

Also, went to the Dr to check Cassia's ears. I don't know what C was doing here.

Day #80
Have you ever tried moscato grapes. D brought home some on Friday and they were divine!!

Day #81
We had some friends come to visit and loads of hilarity ensued. 

Day #82

Day #83
Little Miss Independent wanted to eat her own soup. Please note all the soup everywhere else. 

Day #84
I went to a friend's house to meet her new baby. Someone was not impressed when I held him.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

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