Friday, March 7, 2014

Goodness Gracious Sister Ignatius

Holy, this is a tough one to post. This week I am once again linking up with Kelly's Corner for Show Us Your Life- Throwback pics. This one takes some courage! I don't have lots of pics with me as most are in TNT still but here we go...

Exhibit A

This was taken when I was 11 and went to Disney. Note the lovely ensemble- flowered shorts with large white shoes anyone? Hey, I think even my bro was wearing flowered shorts!! Also pay attention to the long, extra scrawny limbs we possessed. 

Exhibit B

This one was taken in high school in my school uniform in Trinidad. See the big golden framed glasses and extra skinny arms once more.

I was some sort of awkward folks!

Too funny, then I would do anything to gain weight--- and now... well that's another post.  I would tell the adolescent me to eat some more Cheetos! 

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