Monday, March 31, 2014

Kids say the darnedest things

Anjali is talking up a storm these days. She is stringing two to three words together in the most sensible and entirely cute way-- phrases like 'Mommy, over dya (there)' and 'Bush teet, peez' (Brush teeth, please). She calls D 'da-ee' instead of 'Daddy' and Cassia 'Kaya'. It's the very confident way she speaks that cracks us up though.

She's also began picking up little things that we say- in Trinidad, she picked up 'ay-ay-ay' from someone and she uses it often. I guess I also say 'Oh gosh', quite a lot since I find her saying it too- and it's in the right context most times as well!

Case in point, we went to a charity event at Darin's colleague's house the other day and she kept asking for coffee-- I jest you not. So I responded 'No Anjali, coffee is for the mornings.' To which she responded with a sigh 'Oh, gosh.' Everyone cracked up!

Sidenote, I do not give my baby coffee. It must be milk she is speaking about.

Not to be outdone, Cassia asked her dad if we were all out of scratch. Confused, D was like, 'What do you mean?' She says to him 'You know, scratch. Ajee makes oatmeal from scratch but we haven't had oatmeal for a while so I guess we must be out of scratch.'

Another side note, I also make my oatmeal from scratch but it is not the hit Ajee's oatmeal is as I suspect Ajee's is made with waaay more sugar and whole milk than mine.

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