Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 7 and 8- Everyday Life in 2014

These are all the TNT pics. I may or may not have forgotten to take some photos on some of the days. And I also may or may not have mixed up the orders of the days. We're in Week 10 or 11 now so I really need to catch up!

Day #44- Sleeping in the porch in TNT 

Day #45- Double Trouble

Day #46
No pics for this day. Another day I don't wish to remember, Sunil's funeral

Day #47

This cutie cheered  everyone up day after day. Trudging around with her little bare dirty  feet

Day #48
D shaved his head on the day of the funeral as part of the hindu rituals. I really like the new look

Day #49- 

A& A
Aja and Anjali 

Day #50 
This was taken way after bedtime. This little lady was up later than anyone else. Note the water she was having at that time- #notagoodsign #guesswhohadtochangethesheets

Day #51
Bareback and barefooted

Day # 52
These animals were very beloved. If only I could figure out if they were sheep or goats.

Day #53
These kids love their screen time

Day #54
Anjali and her favourite Aunty Seeta 

Day #55
Cassia sharing food for her uncles-- and Dad.

Day #56
Girl Power

Day #57

Bhandara Day

Adya kept the littles amused for hours making flower jewelry - #blessherheart #teamadya

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