Saturday, March 29, 2014

And we are reading!

It pleases me to no end that we have a little reader on our hands. I've been working all school year (okay, maybe more like 20 3-4 evenings a week since September) using this awesome book. Still, imagine my surprise when one day she just picked up a Level 1 reader and began to read! I was one proud mama! Since then, the teachers at school have noticed it as well and they let her bring a book home ever so often to read. It's apparently a really big deal for a four year old to get a book so she's pretty darn proud of herself. She loves to read the stories she brings home to us! 

The other day, I decided to take my girls to the library. I have many a fond memory of my dad taking me and my brothers to the Carnegie Hall Library down by the Library Corner in San Fernando. We passed through Harris Promenade with its tall cashew trees and many homeless people to get to the library where we could have stayed for hours. All those books to read and choose from. Looking back, there weren't that many books and we only got to borrow one at a time but it filled many a Saturday morning. 

Cass loved the library! She went from magazine to book to magazine again. She was in bliss. She would have stayed all evening but we had a cranky 20 month old who needed dinner. So off she went back to the car with her four Level One readers in hand. I see the library becoming a very frequent stop on our way home from school!

Concentration is key

Another type of concentration!

Lady, where's my grub?

Cass did what I used to do on the way home from the library when I was younger. She began reading right away in the car.. Until I stopped her--- I used to feel very nauseous doing that!

PS. I wasn't taking this picture while driving. I was in the Tim Horton's drive thru line. 

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