Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 6- Everyday life

So I have a ton of these to catch up on. Bear with me, people. My kids are cute but I know it's only so many pictures I can post of them before people tune out. I'll try to stagger them.

Day 36.
I didn't take any photos on this day as it was one of the worst days for my family. Uncle Sunil died.

Day 37
We went to a memorial for Sunil. My kids could not sit still. Thankfully, they were a bit entertained by this preteen.

Day 38
I took them to music class as Darin felt that Cassia was moping around too much (she was very close to Sunil) and needed to get out of the house

Day 39
Check out Cassia's morning face!

Day 40
Sunil's kids came that weekend. Anjali hijacked her cousin's phone

Day 41
Cassia needed to go to Target to pick up Valentines for her class. Then began the painstaking process of writing her name on 24 cards

Day 42
It was so sad around here I bought my kids a Valentine's cookie to cheer them up 

Day 43
Here we are heading to Trinidad for Sunil's funeral. Anjali is eyeing Darin's cousin's Cheryl's phone. 

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