Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 9 and 10- Everyday Life in 2014

Okay, if I basically dump a crapload of pics in this post-- I'll be all caught up with my everyday pics for 2014. 

Day #58
In the airplane back to freezing Canada!!

Day #59
We spent the day at home just chilling-- literally... It was so cold outside, I didn't want to venture out with the kids. Thankfully our kind cleaning lady stocked our fridge with the staples the day before we returned.
Here's A enjoying her finger-painting
I didn't take a pic of me enjoying the Magic Eraser after

Day #60
Here's my little lady giving sweet Everett a hug when we went to their house for dinner

Day #61
Anjali, didn't I say no screen-time???!

Day #62
Cassia's return to school. Anjali was so happy to play with her again in the evening

Day #63
Look who I found in my makeup!!

Day #64
Look who rushed to be first in line for music!

Day #65
Cassia was very proud of her creation at school

Day #66
Out for some Indian food

Day #67
Enjoying lunch in the mall

Before skating!!!!

Day #68
Bananas are never wasted in this house.
They are eaten, put into smoothie, used for baking and 'ice-cream'... Yuuummmm

Day #69
March Break Week
Both kids coming back from the boys' place on Monday

Day #70
It was so nice out! En route to filling our tummies with loads of samples.
Cassia asked for two things-- carrots and figs! I was pleased with those requests so she got both.

Day #71
Huge snowfall! 
Anjali loved when Cassia goes to the gym daycare with her

Day #72
Disney on Ice- Mommy Daughter Day!!

Day #73
Pizza making party at Cassia's friend Nadia's house

Day #74
Grandma and Uncle Din came and look what they brought us! Crumbs cupcakes!

Day # 75
Everybody snuggled up to watch 'Diana'. Let's just say we've seen better

Day #76

Happy St Paddy's!! (it's not St. Patty's  btw, the Dublin Airport said so)
D, my brother and I went out for a bit

Day # 77
The release of Frozen! We are obsessed! 

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