Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Miss Smartie Pants-- and Sassy Pants too.

It's March Break and Little Miss Know It All is at home with us this week for a little stay-cation. She keeps us on our toes around here with all she says and does. When she's not asking the most thought provoking questions, she is spouting random facts about fossils and minerals. Sidenote,  she also does things like comparing boob size of the females in the house-- no, I'm not kidding.

The other day when we were in Trinidad, her cousin Ethan was arguing with Darin that yes, Pluto was a planet. Sorry Ethan, D's right on this one. Don't question the astronomy fan on things like this. He has us singing planet songs all day long. Anyways, Cassia chimed in "and besides Pluto has an elliptical orbit."

She even had the adults speechless.

Yesterday's gem was when we were watching the Oscars (1 week late). She asked us to change the  channel cause she was sick of watching all this winning and clapping.... I've got nothing.

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