Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our ear piercing adventure

So we've been meaning to pierce Anjali's ears now for about six months. I know that lots of Canadians shudder at the thought of doing it so early, thinking that it is barbaric and painful for the child whereas lots of Easterners do it very early as the child doesn't remember and healing is very quick. I fall into the latter camp and waited for Cassia's fourth month shots and then instantly after got them done. Cassia's was done with much fanfare. We had relatives from Mississauga come down to accompany us  and five adults went to the mall to get it done. Before it was done, we gave her Tylenol and tried to put some Emla cream on the ears. She still bawled her eyes out.

With Anjali, I've been wanting to do it for six months now but she was four months in the winter and with the cold weather and busy schedules, it kind of fell through the cracks. However, as A and  I were strolling through the mall today (literally), I  saw this sign "Free ear piercing (with the purchase of earrings) done here." On a whim, or a vaps depending on where you're from,  I walked in, pierced her ears and then we picked up Cassia. Done! End of story. She cried yes, but she was good in about 45 seconds. Mission accomplished and baby looks like a girl now.... especially as she still has such short locks.

On a totally unrelated note, I feel like such a grown up having done this by myself. Yes, I've migrated to a different country, completed two degrees, birthed two babies and I'm starting my own business but this feels like a big accomplishment...seriously! Oh mat leave, what are you doing to me?!

Now, no one will think I am a boy, even when I wear those unisex sleepers.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sisters and spouses

I am so glad that our girls have each other. I don't have a sister and I've always been a bit wistful when I look at sisters and the bond they have... Yes, I have my mom,  my aunts, very good friends and now my daughters, but the bonds that sisters have is really something special. In the years to come, I expect my girls to be best friends, playmates and  confidantes. They've started already... Anjali breaks into smiles and giggles when she sees Cassia every morning  or when we pick her up from preschool. Cassia loves her sister so much and uses a baby voice when speaking to her but doesn't pay too much attention to her... this morning though, as they were playing with each other, C turned to me and said "Mommy, this is who I want to marry."

PS. Cassia did her own hair

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've been schooled...

... by my four year old... Yesterday I took my girls for a walk to the popsicle convenience store for a treat followed by a quick visit to the park. On the way, back Cassia asked me a question and I replied- Mmm-Hmm... to which she said "Do you know that 'mmm-hmm' is not a very polite way to say yes?"

I was speechless but kind of impressed...

Monday, May 27, 2013

On the move

Some shots of our sweet baby who is growing too fast!

Ok, almost got you there right?! ... full disclosure, that red background is actually Darin holding her up behind her dress!

Below is what usually happens... she crawls, gets stuck somewhere and begins to wail...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday D

I post for so many family members' birthdays like here, here, here and even here so feel so bad that I am posting so late for Darin's birthday. We were in NY so I didn't have my laptop and although I intended to post before and schedule it for his birthday, didn't get a chance to. This had better be good!

Here's the deal... Darin is my person. I knew it almost instantly. Sometimes we fight,  we sulk (he does) and we cry (well I do)  but  mostly we laugh, we smile and we have the best conversations. I love him incomparably but I also really, really like him. He is so humble, kind, determined and principled and he makes me want to be a better person both for him and our family. Marriage can be hard work but when you are with your person it makes it that much easier. 

Happy, happy birthday, D! Lots of love and our sincere wishes for a wonderful year to follow filled with beautiful moments, happy memories and good health. Lots and lots of love from your three girls... yes, I still consider myself a girl!

Here are only a couple shots from his birthday. We had these grandiose plans for some time in the city, a show, a fancy dinner and a family BBQ for his birthday weekend but rainy weather and the birthday boy only allowed for simpler stuff... we hung out with family the day before-- a nice trini brunch, some great conversation, fantastic carrot cake and good wine. On the day, my mom made a special meal and then we went shopping for his birthday present- crystal lowball glasses.  We then went to a really nice thai restaurant for dinner... D's favourite!

Best carrot cake ever!

Hacking into the cake-- literally!

Anjali was asleep and apparently so am I

Mango mojitos-- so good

Darin got his crispy fish--- his absolute favourite!

Happy Birthday D!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Update- NYC Edition

We had a wonderful trip to NYC and although I relax when I am finally back on Canadian soil, I am a little sad coming back home. I miss my family. I miss my parents, brother and aunts and all the great conversations we often have when we are together... hey, August is only a couple months away, right?!

  1. We are that much more comfortable going to Malaysia with the girls- they are great travellers- we travelled 27 hours in a car in five days and they were such troopers! 
  2. Cassia got very attached to my parents, especially my mom. She spent two nights at their house without us (only the second time she has done that) and she was very sad to leave them, bawling her eyes out for a portion of the trip back home (that part was not fun)
  3. Anjali was her usual mild mannered self- until she saw me- this kid!
  4. Cassia entertained everyone with her chats and antics-- telling everyone that I was the boss of the house... at least she is honest :-)
  5. Cass went a little crazy with my mom on their adventure at the Disney store!
  6. I did not shop as much as I usually do but still managed to get some great stuff for the summer! Now I am more efficient and just but stuff on sale and have it shipped to my mom-- don't know if that is better or worse! 
  7. We ate way too much with all of the doubles, duck and thai food. My mom bought the most amazing carrot cake for Darin's birthday and we had lots of that as well.
  8. Speaking of Darin's birthday, I still have to do his tribute and post pics- hang tight D. Was a relaxing day but I think he had a good time with all the family. 
  9. My two babies had colds which they then proceeded to infect NYC with! They've left the US but left behind some sore throats. 
On that note, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Engagement Party

So the reason for our trip to the US was my brother's engagement party. On Saturday, my family headed down to Pennsylvania to his fiancee Munira's parents house. We got there about 2 hours late... my fault to an extent since I totally underestimated US weekend traffic- it took us 4 hours for what the GPS said would be a two hour drive! By the way, one car stopped for Starbucks while the other changed a dirty diaper in the carseat- the latter got there 20 minutes earlier of course!

It was a really nice afternoon at the parents of my future sister in law, Munira. We had a lovely Sichuan lunch (was it really lunch at 3:30?!), divine masala chai and great conversation while bestowing our best wishes and blessings on the happy couple. I did not take half the photos of the couple, families or babies I should have but here are just a few shots. 

All these babies-- and my side bangs need training

The two papas

Is that a smile, Din? This boy is always so serious.

Grandma with Cassia

Sweet Munira waiting for her groom to be
Love my new sister in law to be :-)

Why am I not surprised that he is by the sweets?!
That sweet drink (tasted a bit like a strawberry milkshake) was a favourite of my four year old

Cassia with her drink
"Baby" Bro with us.

I was giving Din the beautiful ring to give to her (again) and almost swiped it.
A girl could never have too many diamonds!

The paparazzi and other invited guests

The happy couple

Congrats you two! Excited for you and we can't wait for August!

Road trip to NYC!

We're back from the longest road trip ever -- well maybe not ever but the longest we've been on... especially with two kids- one of them a bit sick. We went to NYC for my brother's engagement so it was 12 hours going and almost 11 coming back as with young ones we had to make a couple stops. Worked out well and we think it bodes well for our 15 hour flight next month. Our girls were troopers! The iPad helped as well as multiple toys, snacks and a bit of Gravol... judge me not!  It also helped when a grown-up sat in the back to entertain them, For the adults, I borrowed an audio book from the library that kept us occupied for most of the trip.... highly recommend it for a longer drive .Thank goodness the   book finished before we came home as Darin threatened to keep driving!

All packed and ready to go
Let's go!

Blueberries and tomatoes were a lifesaver on this trip

Always on the go...

A bit of a break at a truck stop

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ten things in ten months

Double digits this month! Our baby is growing up... here are 10 things about this lovely baby in her 10 months!

  1. And we have a crawler--- very, very slowly and she is not pleased when she has to do it but it's happening! 
  2. Still a wonderful eater- eating her fruits, veggies, starches and meats very well-- she really enjoys exploring new flavours-- she even likes sour- like dried golden berries!
  3. Fantastic sleeper!
  4. Very good natured traveller so far--- we did four road trips within the last week and she did really good-- doesn't that bode well for our big trip to Malaysia?!
  5. She loves the park- she enjoys people watching, the swings and the sun 
  6. She is still a mama's girl-- she is crushed when Darin goes in to pick her up in the morning,  he thinks she pretends to go back to sleep- poor Dar. It's frustrating for me too- this mama needs a break sometimes
  7. We had a little flare up of dry skin and cradle cap this month- the doctor has recommended that she start taking baths only two to three times a week- yikes!
  8. Anjali loves remote controls and phones and is always grabbing one when it is within her reach
  9. We've switched car seats to the big girl ones!
  10. Beginning to talk- this Monday she looked at me directly started to cry and say "mama" and since then she's been doing it all the time. She also waves and says "bye" in a really Southern accent-- cutest thing ever!
This month will be a big one as we head out to the East.  Love you lots, Anjali!!! Be good for the parents!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy week

Haven't gotten around to posting too much this week. Between trying (and partially failing) to sort out a mess with my EI, the fridge needing to be replaced, packing for our very long road trip to NYC and Cass being a bit under the weather, it has been hectic around here.

However, in some wonderful news, guess who started to crawl on Monday?! It's early days so it's a bit of an army crawl with a lot of effort and some fussing, grunting and strain but she is making her way around... Albeit very slowly. 

I did manage to go for a run yesterday and the sight of spring brightened my day! 

My favourite tree- I've been told it is apple blossom. Also, Cassia's favourite flowers- dandelions. For the Caribbean folks, dandelions are weeds but our little lady loves them and often picks me a bunch. 

This other little lady was happy to get her nap outdoors for a change. Here she is stretching after waking up.

Mother's Day weekend

This weekend was lots of fun for me... and lots of food. We had family dinner together at Milestones on Friday and then on Saturday, our cousins Ammie and Mo came to celebrate all the May birthdays we have. On Sunday (and Saturday too, coming to think of it) I got to sleep in and then two of my three sweeties made breakfast for me. We then went to a birthday/Mother's Day lunch by some cousins. By night time, everyone was exhausted, except for me, and turned in really early. Darin by the way, asked if we could celebrate Mother's Day every two years as it is so tiring- taking care of these two is harder than curing cancer!

Somebody loves food too much to look up

Pink fizzy drinks, huh fellas?

Tom-yum-tini- yum yum!


I guess he must really like Indonesian food

Happy Birthday!! And Happy Halloween by the looks of this pic

Here you go Mommy!

My lovelies and my new coaster

Cassia and her babysitter also made a sweet card for me!

Somebody's holding court with a very small audience

HAppy Birthday, Marcus!

This baby is not pleased with the baby train

Whoops! Careful with our precious cargo

She's looking at me mentally saying "Help!!!"

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ten things I've learnt from my mother

The most important relationship a child has is her relationship with her parent of the same sex. My mom and I have a wonderful relationship.  I've learnt so much from her through the years... hopefully, I will teach my daughters lots in time to come as well.

Here are 10 of the most important things I've learnt from my mom.
  1. Be patient with people- Don't be quick to snap, even if you think they are wrong.
  2. Always buy gym shoes 1/2 size bigger to accommodate your socks
  3. Realise the importance of diet, health and fitness for everyone- not just for weight loss but overall well-being
  4. Always keep in touch with friends and family- my mom is better at using that phone and keeping in touch with people than anyone else I know. Seriously, she counts the long distance minutes she has in her plan each month and uses every single one
  5. Realising that you are not always the boss of each plan, choice and decision and that's okay
  6. Sometimes it's better to be kind instead of striving to be right- I can't remember ever hearing her say 'I told you so. '
  7. As you get older, wear lighter coloured nail polish on your toes- big difference...just saying
  8. It is never to late to learn- both parents strive on this. My mom has declared this year "The Year of Technology" and is learning to improve her use of the computer, email. She even got an iPad... although I think all she does on the iPad is read this blog. 
  9. Make a really big deal out of birthdays! Up till now, I get a care package for my birthday and a really nice card. 
  10. Wherever they are and however busy everyone's life is, be there for your children- you're their biggest champion!

We love you, Mommy and wish you a wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day! 

S, N & D

Happy Mother's Day to all. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Amazing opportunity for Darin

Darin was recently invited to a reception to meet his two Prime Ministers. The Right Honourable Stephen Harper and Kamla Persad- Bissessar. A truly amazing opportunity  and honour that so very few people have.  Check out this picture from that night!

One of these things is not like the others...

Seriously though, so proud of you D and all you've accomplished and continue to do. 

Weekly update

Friday! Friday! Friday! Here's a bit of what is going on with us:
  1. Finally, a nice peaceful week with not too many conferences, meetings, trips out of town etc. 
  2. Next week however, we head to NY and then to Pennsylvania for my baby's brother's engagement! Darin will be celebrating his birthday in NYC!
  3. Still no crawling! She just rolls onto her tummy and tries to crawl but then gets frustrated and begins bawling.
  4. Cassia is such nice company. I'm really enjoying our little conversations and seeing her little personality come into play. She calls us 'guys', and is quite persuasive in her own little way
  5. Anjali has been quite cranky this week, bawling the minute I put her down.
  6. It's been so nice out! We do the parks everyday, meals outside and get lots of fresh air everyday. This weekend is supposed to be a bit dismal but that's okay, we are refreshed with all the time outside. 
  7. Weeding in the garden is a bit like tweezing, very satisfying--- mat leave, what are you doing to me?!
  8. Cassia told me yesterday "Mommy, you are just the best cook." This coming after some pasta with butter and grated cheese. Anjali apparently thought so too, slurping up her tiny bits of pasta. 
  9. I'm just going to stop mentioning those last T&C pictures now. By the time, they're actually posted, my family is going to be like "is this what we were waiting for?!
  10. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there; a truly tireless but the most rewarding job. Look out for a special Mother's Day post for my mama!

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