Monday, May 6, 2013

Girls night in

On Friday night, my favourite ladies and I got together for Andrea's birthday. We had tons of fun with great appies, seafood and wine. The vault opened that evening so some secrets came out  (Holy Batman!) making for a very entertaining night! That's all I can say.

The kids also had a blast with Cassia going to bed almost at one on the way home. I believe this was a record for her. Anjali loved all the attention but poor thing fell off the bed- even though we had surrounded her with pillows and ever so often someone would check on her :-(

Love these girls-- we need to do this more often! There is nothing like the friendship, honesty and laughter that comes out of a great girls night.


With my cutie

Mmmmm..... Thanks Jo!

Just chilling

Happy Birthday Andrea- the cheesecake I made turned out great by the way!

I really don't like this pic of myself but everyone else looks great

I really like this pic of myself so I'll end on that note.

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