Thursday, May 23, 2013

Road trip to NYC!

We're back from the longest road trip ever -- well maybe not ever but the longest we've been on... especially with two kids- one of them a bit sick. We went to NYC for my brother's engagement so it was 12 hours going and almost 11 coming back as with young ones we had to make a couple stops. Worked out well and we think it bodes well for our 15 hour flight next month. Our girls were troopers! The iPad helped as well as multiple toys, snacks and a bit of Gravol... judge me not!  It also helped when a grown-up sat in the back to entertain them, For the adults, I borrowed an audio book from the library that kept us occupied for most of the trip.... highly recommend it for a longer drive .Thank goodness the   book finished before we came home as Darin threatened to keep driving!

All packed and ready to go
Let's go!

Blueberries and tomatoes were a lifesaver on this trip

Always on the go...

A bit of a break at a truck stop

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