Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day weekend

This weekend was lots of fun for me... and lots of food. We had family dinner together at Milestones on Friday and then on Saturday, our cousins Ammie and Mo came to celebrate all the May birthdays we have. On Sunday (and Saturday too, coming to think of it) I got to sleep in and then two of my three sweeties made breakfast for me. We then went to a birthday/Mother's Day lunch by some cousins. By night time, everyone was exhausted, except for me, and turned in really early. Darin by the way, asked if we could celebrate Mother's Day every two years as it is so tiring- taking care of these two is harder than curing cancer!

Somebody loves food too much to look up

Pink fizzy drinks, huh fellas?

Tom-yum-tini- yum yum!


I guess he must really like Indonesian food

Happy Birthday!! And Happy Halloween by the looks of this pic

Here you go Mommy!

My lovelies and my new coaster

Cassia and her babysitter also made a sweet card for me!

Somebody's holding court with a very small audience

HAppy Birthday, Marcus!

This baby is not pleased with the baby train

Whoops! Careful with our precious cargo

She's looking at me mentally saying "Help!!!"

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