Thursday, May 2, 2013

Daddy and his daughter

Darin and Cassia have such a beautiful bond. First of all, let me just say that Darin is such a wonderful daddy. He is so kind, sweet and patient with her. He teaches her lots of different things yet gently but firmly corrects her when he has to.

Cassia is a huge fan of Daddy. These days also when he leaves for work without her, she sobs for a long time. It is so heartbreaking.  She is so excited when he comes home. Before he does, she keeps asking me "When is Daddy coming home?" When she hears the beep of the alarm when he opens the door,  she shrieks "Daddy!" and wherever she is in the house she races to give him a hug.

These two have daddy daughter dates, read stories, watch movies (Darin actually watches the shows with her, I usually end up tidying up or cooking) and play pretend all the time. He usually does bedtime as well and when he is not around, I sometimes have tough time sometimes getting her to settle in...let's just say on those days I put her to bed when it is still light outside.

I just love to listen to their conversations  as they are so touching and quite amusing. Here's a quick example:

Cass: Daddy, did you make money at work today?
Darin: Yes I did, honey.
Cass: Well where is it?
Darin: Ummm.
Cass: Oh, you left it at work then?
And then he had to get into the whole explanation about how grown ups earn money every fortnight or month.

And so it goes ...

Do you like his blond braid?

And hers?

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