Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday D

I post for so many family members' birthdays like here, here, here and even here so feel so bad that I am posting so late for Darin's birthday. We were in NY so I didn't have my laptop and although I intended to post before and schedule it for his birthday, didn't get a chance to. This had better be good!

Here's the deal... Darin is my person. I knew it almost instantly. Sometimes we fight,  we sulk (he does) and we cry (well I do)  but  mostly we laugh, we smile and we have the best conversations. I love him incomparably but I also really, really like him. He is so humble, kind, determined and principled and he makes me want to be a better person both for him and our family. Marriage can be hard work but when you are with your person it makes it that much easier. 

Happy, happy birthday, D! Lots of love and our sincere wishes for a wonderful year to follow filled with beautiful moments, happy memories and good health. Lots and lots of love from your three girls... yes, I still consider myself a girl!

Here are only a couple shots from his birthday. We had these grandiose plans for some time in the city, a show, a fancy dinner and a family BBQ for his birthday weekend but rainy weather and the birthday boy only allowed for simpler stuff... we hung out with family the day before-- a nice trini brunch, some great conversation, fantastic carrot cake and good wine. On the day, my mom made a special meal and then we went shopping for his birthday present- crystal lowball glasses.  We then went to a really nice thai restaurant for dinner... D's favourite!

Best carrot cake ever!

Hacking into the cake-- literally!

Anjali was asleep and apparently so am I

Mango mojitos-- so good

Darin got his crispy fish--- his absolute favourite!

Happy Birthday D!

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