Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy week

Haven't gotten around to posting too much this week. Between trying (and partially failing) to sort out a mess with my EI, the fridge needing to be replaced, packing for our very long road trip to NYC and Cass being a bit under the weather, it has been hectic around here.

However, in some wonderful news, guess who started to crawl on Monday?! It's early days so it's a bit of an army crawl with a lot of effort and some fussing, grunting and strain but she is making her way around... Albeit very slowly. 

I did manage to go for a run yesterday and the sight of spring brightened my day! 

My favourite tree- I've been told it is apple blossom. Also, Cassia's favourite flowers- dandelions. For the Caribbean folks, dandelions are weeds but our little lady loves them and often picks me a bunch. 

This other little lady was happy to get her nap outdoors for a change. Here she is stretching after waking up.

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