Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Girl's day out!

I remember when girls' day out would be some sort of mani/pedi followed by shopping and a light lunch- depending on the friend, a cocktail or two might be involved. Now, everyday involves some sort of girl time with my special girls. On this particular day, we ventured out as the weather is finally nicer... We did the park, a nice walk and dinner out. This was a kind of big deal for us as although I'm comfortable at home with them and drives are fine, I can virtually count the number of times I've actually done outdoor adventures with them- except for pick up and drop off at daycare, we've done dance class once , another time to the dr's office and several times to the park. The girls were on their best behaviour though so maybe in the summer months we can have a few more excursions....

That being said, I'm due for a girls' NIGHT out!

Posing as usual

These two could live on the swings

Someone is not pleased

Dad came after work to join us after all

You would think I would have a picture of myself with the girls for girls' day out, right?

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