Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekly update

Friday! Friday! Friday! Here's a bit of what is going on with us:
  1. Finally, a nice peaceful week with not too many conferences, meetings, trips out of town etc. 
  2. Next week however, we head to NY and then to Pennsylvania for my baby's brother's engagement! Darin will be celebrating his birthday in NYC!
  3. Still no crawling! She just rolls onto her tummy and tries to crawl but then gets frustrated and begins bawling.
  4. Cassia is such nice company. I'm really enjoying our little conversations and seeing her little personality come into play. She calls us 'guys', and is quite persuasive in her own little way
  5. Anjali has been quite cranky this week, bawling the minute I put her down.
  6. It's been so nice out! We do the parks everyday, meals outside and get lots of fresh air everyday. This weekend is supposed to be a bit dismal but that's okay, we are refreshed with all the time outside. 
  7. Weeding in the garden is a bit like tweezing, very satisfying--- mat leave, what are you doing to me?!
  8. Cassia told me yesterday "Mommy, you are just the best cook." This coming after some pasta with butter and grated cheese. Anjali apparently thought so too, slurping up her tiny bits of pasta. 
  9. I'm just going to stop mentioning those last T&C pictures now. By the time, they're actually posted, my family is going to be like "is this what we were waiting for?!
  10. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there; a truly tireless but the most rewarding job. Look out for a special Mother's Day post for my mama!

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