Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Update- NYC Edition

We had a wonderful trip to NYC and although I relax when I am finally back on Canadian soil, I am a little sad coming back home. I miss my family. I miss my parents, brother and aunts and all the great conversations we often have when we are together... hey, August is only a couple months away, right?!

  1. We are that much more comfortable going to Malaysia with the girls- they are great travellers- we travelled 27 hours in a car in five days and they were such troopers! 
  2. Cassia got very attached to my parents, especially my mom. She spent two nights at their house without us (only the second time she has done that) and she was very sad to leave them, bawling her eyes out for a portion of the trip back home (that part was not fun)
  3. Anjali was her usual mild mannered self- until she saw me- this kid!
  4. Cassia entertained everyone with her chats and antics-- telling everyone that I was the boss of the house... at least she is honest :-)
  5. Cass went a little crazy with my mom on their adventure at the Disney store!
  6. I did not shop as much as I usually do but still managed to get some great stuff for the summer! Now I am more efficient and just but stuff on sale and have it shipped to my mom-- don't know if that is better or worse! 
  7. We ate way too much with all of the doubles, duck and thai food. My mom bought the most amazing carrot cake for Darin's birthday and we had lots of that as well.
  8. Speaking of Darin's birthday, I still have to do his tribute and post pics- hang tight D. Was a relaxing day but I think he had a good time with all the family. 
  9. My two babies had colds which they then proceeded to infect NYC with! They've left the US but left behind some sore throats. 
On that note, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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