Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Update

Happy Friday! Here's what's been going on with us.

  1. Darin was at conference for two days this week. As we went last week, I didn't want to haul everyone  to Toronto once more. Everything has been great although we always miss Dad when he is not around. 
  2. Girls' night tonight! Can't wait. 
  3. The weather is SO wonderful. Time for parks, smoothies and long runs!
  4. Anjali is on the verge of crawling. Spending lots of time on her tummy but then she gets fed uo and rolls to where she wants to go. 
  5. Planning for our Malaysia trip is working out quite well- all the hotels/short term residences are booked, a total of 4 for the two months as we are making about 3 short trips. Also have begun making lists and doing tons of research on travelling, KL, Singapore. SO excited. 
  6. Before we go to Malaysia, we have to make a trip to NY for my brother's engagement! This time we are driving as we want to prepare them for long haul travel. 
  7. I made a cheesecake from scratch for tonight as my friend Andrea wanted one for her birthday. Although it cracked, it looks so good. I'll make a fresh strawberry sauce to go with it tonight. 
  8. Yes, still have to post more T&C photos. Was trying to the other night but didn't get through. 
  9. Cassia still says she misses Uncle Puran.
  10. Busy weekend ahead with girls' night, guys' night, Cassia's party, family time and a 1st birthday on Sunday! Now that its warming up and because we're leaving soon, these next few weekends will be hectic.

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