Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ten things in ten months

Double digits this month! Our baby is growing up... here are 10 things about this lovely baby in her 10 months!

  1. And we have a crawler--- very, very slowly and she is not pleased when she has to do it but it's happening! 
  2. Still a wonderful eater- eating her fruits, veggies, starches and meats very well-- she really enjoys exploring new flavours-- she even likes sour- like dried golden berries!
  3. Fantastic sleeper!
  4. Very good natured traveller so far--- we did four road trips within the last week and she did really good-- doesn't that bode well for our big trip to Malaysia?!
  5. She loves the park- she enjoys people watching, the swings and the sun 
  6. She is still a mama's girl-- she is crushed when Darin goes in to pick her up in the morning,  he thinks she pretends to go back to sleep- poor Dar. It's frustrating for me too- this mama needs a break sometimes
  7. We had a little flare up of dry skin and cradle cap this month- the doctor has recommended that she start taking baths only two to three times a week- yikes!
  8. Anjali loves remote controls and phones and is always grabbing one when it is within her reach
  9. We've switched car seats to the big girl ones!
  10. Beginning to talk- this Monday she looked at me directly started to cry and say "mama" and since then she's been doing it all the time. She also waves and says "bye" in a really Southern accent-- cutest thing ever!
This month will be a big one as we head out to the East.  Love you lots, Anjali!!! Be good for the parents!

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