Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekending with the family

Happy Halloween's Eve, friends. This weekend my cousin and aunt came to visit us. It was so good for the soul. Here are just a few highlights:

Downtown walk

We spent Friday at home.
 A seafood smorgasbord
 A walk by the river

  We hung out on Saturday at home and then made our way out to the Lego store, dinner and a little shopping.

Pumpkin carving
 C had this idea and her dad aimed to please

And Sunday, we dropped them back across the border, did a little cross border shopping, ate at a delicious Italian restaurant and then headed home.

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Happy Monday, friends. Some  family of ours lost someone very dear to them and we are so sorry for their loss. May she rest in peace and may her family find strength and solace in her well lived life and her strong spirit which will live on through her kids and grandkids.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Yay for Friday! Here's what's been bringing us little bits of joy these days.

1- I had these chickpeas tortilla chips this week (for some reason, I can't upload the image) and they were SO good. Described as hummus and tortilla flavours all in one, these reminded me of roasted chickpeas or the channa as we coin it  that I grew up with in Trinidad.

 2--  Yay for putting all my makeup in the same drawer when I did my massive overhaul a couple weeks ago. With everything all in one spot, 15 eyeshadow palettes and 20 different lipsticks, no desire to buy stuff and more desire to use what I have. #winning 

3- We bought this portable massager a couple weeks ago for our sore necks and backs and we have never been happier. Our household is obsessed with it. 

4-Amanda's fall decor is definitely one of my favourites! The tablescape might be her best one ever.
5- I realised that one of my pumpkins might have a slight obsession with pumpkins--- or I might be obsessed with taking pictures of her with them.

Happy weekending! Off to wake up my kids!
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday- October 2017

Happy October Wednesday, friends! Here's what's been going on with us...

What we're eating?
Monday: turkey burgers
Taco Tuesday!
Wednesday: breakfast for dinner
Thursday- meatless so maybe some sort of pasta
Friday: snow crab night  

What I'm reminiscing about?
This itty bitty eighteen month old who is now eight. Oh how time flies.
What I'm loving?
The beautiful changing leaves in my backyard. Such brilliant colours and when they fall, we get to see the river again!

What I'm dreading? 
 Well, someone close to me is going through some personal issues and oh man is it tough to see.  My prayers and thoughts are always surrounding that person.
What we've been up to?
 The girls' extra curricular is in full swing. This year, C is doing violin, piano, dance and competitive swim. A is doing dance, Kindermusik, skating and all round sass- seriously... Missy takes sass to a whole 'nother level. 

Oh and all things fall.

What I'm excited about?
November heralds the start of the most beautiful time of the year :-)

What I'm watching/reading?
I watch DWTS (I'm a Jordan Fisher fan), Dr. Oz, This is Us, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. When I'm doing housework, Gilmore Girls or Dr. Oz keeps me company. 
As for reading, my book club is reading Cocoa Beach by Beatrice Williams. I'm racing to finish it before next Monday.
What I'm listening to?
The radio and podcasts.

What I'm wearing?
Jeans, tunics, leggings and scarves-- my fall and winter uniform. It's been a pretty warm December though so I'm not complaining

What I'm doing this weekend?
My cousin and my aunt are coming to visit from the US for a couple days. We are going to spend lots of family time together :-)
We might also sneak in a target visit when we drop them back across the border!

What are you looking forward to next month?
 So much busyness. Getting ready for the holidays is hard work but so much fun yo'.... my five year old says 'yo' lots and it's catching on in our family. 

What else is new?
#bergalloo sent this photo of the flower girl and the marines the other day.

And finally, what Thanksgiving side is your favourite?
Stuffing for sure!!

THIS IS US! You guys... the end of last night's episode! This will be a heart wrenching season!

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Two Parties and a Pumpkin Patch

Happy Monday, lovelies. This weekend was filled with so much fun.  We started off on Friday by heading to dinner and then to our friends' house for fireworks and snacks. Such a wonderful celebration.

This lady can definitely throw a par-tay

My friend, Jenn (another party planner extraordinaire) invited the girls to E's 6th LOL doll party. LOL dolls come in a wrapped ball-- they are sort of like polly pockets but you assembly them and collect them all.

I love party favours that can be used after.

We also ended up staying for the family celebration after. My kids love to be the last one to leave an event :-)

On Sunday, after laundry and making a soup for lunches for the week, we headed to a local pumpkin patch with our niece and her friend.  It was such a beautiful day and felt like August instead of October.

We went on a scenic tractor ride as well. 

 I would love to try salted honey caramel pies one of these fine days.

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