Tuesday, October 10, 2017

10 on the 10th- 10 things in my bathroom drawer

Let's face it there are way more than 10 things in my bathroom drawer (s)--- it's more like 10 by 10 by 10.  Here are just a few of my must haves:

1- Floss- I floss every.single.night and this one is my favourite.

2- I use retinol nightly most of the year. It's made a big difference in the brightness of my skin.

3- Tweezers- no time for extra stuff.

4- Sunscreen-- I use facial sunscreen every single day that I head outside, every single season. This one is my very favourite. 

5- Make up --- with it's own dedicated drawer lol. I used to just have my staples out from but now I put it all together and I find myself using more and buying less. #gome. My ten makeup staples would be another post.

6- Makeup brushes-- yeah, not buying more of these anytime soon too.

7- My hair dryer and flat iron though let's face it, this is so me.

8- A drying brush. (see point above).

9- Moisturizer-- because winter is tough on skin and thirty year old skin can take a beating.

10- And finally, the lavanila sport deodorant. I love that it's more natural but still keeps on keeping on in the summer. 

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  1. I legit never dry my hair. Isn't that terrible. I think I maybe have like once in the past year. So fun getting a look at the things you love and use.

  2. I never dry my hair either! And I should floss but I don't.

  3. I never dry my hair during the summer, but winter, I hate being cold, so I pretty much always dry it. Love seeing what you love and what's in your bathroom drawers.

  4. I need more makeup brushes. I barely use mine tho. I may borrow your idea.

  5. Have you tried the floss picks? I love that I don't have to wrap the floss around my fingers anymore. And that hair drying meme is true... unfortunately I have to dry my hair or it looks crazy!

  6. Fun post! We have a lot of similar things. I usually just blow dry my roots and let the ends air dry.


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