Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Confession: I've never before completed a photo challenge on Instagram. But when Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls posted about a mini challenge, I decided to commit... and that I did- Bam! So because I'm falling down from patting myself so hard on the back here are my 14 days of fall y'all.

Day 1 - #selfie
When your 8yo's selfie game is stronger than yours is.

Day 2- #ilove
The fist bumps were awesome so I had to capture especially as they sometimes spar like it's their job.

Day 3- #pictureperfect
These flowers from my neighbour's yard are very popular--- like featured on horticultural magazines popular and certainly picture perfect

Day 4-#fromabove
I hadn't had a sushi bowl in ages so my friend Dani and I met for lunch and I practically inhaled this sushi bowl but not before taking a picture.

Day 5 - #Leaves
On our family walk, I looked up to a most beautiful blue sky with the prettiest of leaves.

Day 6- #inmycup
I totally forgot to take a picture of my cup of tea that morning, but found these beauties at the market instead. #winning. My grandmother still has an enamel cup at home-- are they on trend again?

Day 7- #orange
Oh the cuteness. Not even a pumpkin patch but just a grocery.

 Day 8- #basic
Boomerang still cracks me up.

Day 9- #myfavourite
My friend Kathryn made us a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and our gang practically inhaled it. 

Day 10- #pumpkin
White pumpkins are my love language... and so are these fall flowers our aunt gave us for Thanksgiving.

Day 11- #fallis

Day 12- #myview
Mother Nature is awesome

Day 13- Sweater Weather
It really wasn't sweater weather on that day but it was totally happy hour-- I cheated a bit on this one

Day 14- Trick or Treat
Two girlfriends and I had an awesome time at a dinner and show we went to. #trickortreatindeed

And that's a wrap! Not going to lie, I had a ton of fun with the prompts. 14 days was perfect too. You can follow me on Instagram @sarita.pg 

And Happy Divali Eve, my Hindu friends and family.  May light and love be yours always!


  1. The fist bumps add pumpkin patch photos are my favorites!! :-)

  2. LOVE!!!! Girl you rocked this challenge. The mini challenges are BY FAR the way to go. So proud of you for completing, thanks for playing along with me.

  3. It was fun finding you on instagram via this challenge!

  4. Such a fun challenge! And how sweet is that picture in front of the pumpkins?! That's an amazing grocery fall display <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. Nice work! I haven't ever done a challenge, but I would definitely have to start with a mini one. And that pumpkin pie picture, has me all ready for Thanksgiving. Yum!

  6. How fun! Love the pumpkin patch picture and all the hints of Fall sprinkled into your photos.


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