Monday, March 25, 2013

Turks 2013- Poolside

We spent most of our time in Turks and Caicos by the pool. Last time, we sampled the different pools on the resort. This time we stuck to the tried and true Italian pool- close to were we stayed so it was really convenient. This was also the warmest pool with the best kid area where Cassia would spend hours if we let her. D and I also spent hours in this pool and by the swim up bar- getting our drink on and having the best conversations- maybe partially due to getting our drink on :-)

Everyone is sleeping

Including Snow White, Purple Dog and Purple Cat

March Madness

Even though we don't fully do March break yet, we headed over a couple weeks ago to my friend Andrea's house for our kids to spend some time together... and for me to chat with one of my favourite friends. Moms need entertainment too! 

I picked Cass up from daycare half-day and she was so keyed up, she didn't nap on the way there. The afternoon was filled with fun, pizza, cookies and some time outdoors as well.  There were lots of kids running around as each of her children also had friends over. At one point, there were nine kids in the house! Anjali was also keyed up and only had a half an hour nap but fell asleep later on sitting up. 

As a new (ish) mom, with everything going on in the world,  I sometimes worry  about my kids growing up and dealing with things like peer pressure, cliques and drama in school. These three kids are so absolutely normal and emotionally healthy that when I spend time with them, it hits home that the world can actually be an okay place to bring kids up in if you parent properly. I overheard quite a bit of their conversations when they didn't think adults were listening and they were so kind, compassionate and sweet. Even though these kids are older than mine, they made sure to play with Cass and entertain her. I am glad my girls have such wonderful role models around as they grow up. Great job, Andrea and Will!

William practising

Anjali all sprawled out
Will and Anjali

Anjali's holding court

Will comes home

She just fell asleep sitting up

Aunty Andrea ended up babysitting again for us later on in the week

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend fun

Our weekend was filled with wonderful family moments. We ordered pizza, played, built lego, coloured, baked and cooked. Here are just a couple shots from our days

Here are my kids colouring

So excited for date night-- note to self- wear more under eye cream

A tom-yum- tini--- a martini with a tom-yum soup influence- lots of ginger, cilantro, lemongrass, tamarind- really yum

Delicious Indonesian cuisine

I don't usually take photos of my food but I couldn't resist this time

My cutie needs a hair-cut-- well yesterday he did. 

My other cuties in their pjs. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We heart pizza...

Cassia loves pizza nights-- we don't just allow her to choose cheese pizza anymore though as we try to squeeze the fruits/veggies in whenever we can. This time she chose pineapple and broccoli-- weird combo but totally tasty.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Eight things in eight months

8 months already! Why is this baby growing so fast?
Here are 8 things about you, Anjali in your eight months:

  1. You've dropped from 14 hours of sleep per night to 13 hours.... I know, life's tough, right?
  2. You love music class and being around other babies.
  3. Holy separation anxiety! The second I leave the room, you begin to wail.... I really hope that changes this month
  4. You are beginning to become a very good eater- among your favourites are corn, toast, yogurt and clementines- just like your big sister. Your quantities are quite good also 
  5. You began to clap this Sunday (17th March)
  6. You got another tooth on the 18th March- the one tooth was VERY cute though
  7. You still love Cassia and get more and more excited every time you see her
  8. You're a great traveller so far and did very well on the airplane and with the change of routine in Turks and Caicos.
We can't wait to see what this month brings! XOXO

Easter egg-stravaganza

Easter began last Wednesday with Easter night at Cassia's preschool. She had so much fun with all the different activities.

She's a "butterfly"

Balloon Play

Egg decorating 

Easter movie

A surprise was waiting for me when I came home--- thanks D! Love you!

Weekly Update

Happy Friday! Even though I am at home now, I still love the weekends as my favourite people get to stay home with us and laze around.

  1. Happy 8 month birthday Anjali-- post to follow shortly!
  2. Spring has officially begun but it is still snowing. Can you believe it? I certainly can't! It's time for me to bust out this new spring jacket that Darin bought me last weekend. 
  3. We are in the process of firming up our plans for the summer-- and it is SO exciting! Once, they are finalized, I'll share them but let's just say, our family has never done something like this before.
  4. I've just begun posting T&C pictures. They are so much to sort through! To continue with more very soon. 
  5. One night for the week has become Cassia/mama night, when the babysitter comes in. I take Cassia to dance and then we go have a meal and maybe run some errands. It's lots of fun spending time with my special girl!
  6. I am obsessed with these almonds!I have way more than the recommended serving size!
  7. Date night tomorrow- we're excited
  8. Last day of skating for a couple weeks tomorrow as well-- I'm even more excited- no drama/ asking "Do I have to go to skating?" for at least a few weeks. 
  9. While we're not fans of the skating, we're the teacher's pet in dance. 
  10. The girls are becoming very good friends and already Anjali likes to be around Cass, just watching what she does and doing her own thing next to her big sister.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Turks 2013- Celebrity sightings

Warning- if you are not family, these are a lot of photos to go though--- I took several hundred. I'm breaking it up into bits as it's so much to go through....

Beaches is a mini Sesame Street (basically they have the Sesame Street licence) much to the delight of the kids running around. There were tons of Sesame street activities such as Tea Time with Abby, Elmo-cise with Elmo and Baking with Cookie Monster. Nights were filled with parades and shows and ever so often we would run into celebrities characters all around the resort and even the grownups would get into the excitement. We also went to a  breakfast where Cassia got to spend time with all the different characters.  Here are just a few shots...

The conga line at the character breakfast 

We were a part of said conga line 

The family and Zoey

Foodie family

Darin and I are foodies. We enjoy fresh, natural,  nutritional food as much as possible. We are fans of different spices, textures and flavours and love experimenting with new recipes and restaurants. Now, it seems like we're also becoming a foodie family with Cassia beginning to enjoy different flavours as well.At home, we always try to encourage her to eat different foods and try our best not to only cater to the toddler palate. At restaurants, she never orders the chicken fingers and fries but instead prefers pasta with alfredo sauce, shrimp, and fancy breads and dips.  She loves imported cheeses, her favourites being smoked gouda and bellavitano... that being said, she also loves a good Happy Meal :-)

And Anjali--- let's wait to see... the signs are good already.

My girl this morning with some vanilla cardamom french toast

Sweet Anjali had applesauce and oatmeal but already is beginning to enjoy her different flavours.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ice Skating Blues

Our preschooler is not a fan of ice-skating... it started off pretty badly in January with her missing her first class as she had a major meltdown, didn't have the right helmet and wasn't signed up for the right class. Since then, it's all been downhill. She dreads every single class as she is scared of falling. As her fear is paralysing her, she is not as strong as some of the other skaters in the class.

Yesterday was a particular shit show, as we had an early day so she was already tired. I then had to take her out of her best friend's birthday party to get there in time for skating. Usually Darin takes her so when we got there, this inexpert mama had to put on the skates and the helmet. Her chin got caught in the helmet straps so she began to scream very loudly. Once that was sorted out,  she didn't want to go onto the ice. Then when we got her onto the ice, she sobbed for almost the entire class and wouldn't participate actively. Even though she was very slow on the ice, she was still pretty good and fell maybe once.  3/4 ways through though, I felt so sorry for her, we came home. This combination of exhaustion, fear and the switch up of parents was too much for this preschooler to handle.

I had a good long chat with her in the car about it and she said she'll try again next week. We've also signed her up for spring ice-skating as we want her to face this fear and she really does need to learn to ice-skate in Canada. Any tips from any parents who've been through this? How did you help your kids face their fears?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly Update

  1. A very busy day-- a funeral really early this morning for D and me. Before that, we had to take the girls to a friend's house for them to babysit. And all of this was about an hour away from home. Then it was back home, lunch, a party Cass had to attend, groceries, ice-skating, dinner, bath and bedtime--- I'm exhausted!
  2. The wheels fell off the wagon at ice-skating today-- totally warrants its own post.
  3. I still have to post our vacation pictures... my camera and laptop are not syncing properly so it's taking a really long time-- maybe sometime this week. 
  4. I'm in prep mode for Cassia's birthday party- this is the first party that will be held away from the house, and today coincidentally, the party she went to was at the same venue. It's an art studio in Cambridge and she'll be having a princess party--- hey, it's what she wants! The guest list is changing daily!
  5. Little Miss Anjali is thriving and getting so big- I think she will crawl any day now but I kind of don't want her to- in a way, I'd like her to stay a baby just a bit longer. 
  6. Darin is firming up plans to take some parental leave in the summer-- who knows what sort of adventure we'll have?!
  7. Is it just me or has Grey's Anatomy totally jumped the shark with this whole 'doctors buying the hospital and renaming it' storyline?
  8. Got some great news that my baby brother may be getting engaged in May! So excited!
  9. We bit the bullet and I am now getting a babysitter a couple times weekly so that I can have a little time for myself. Happy Mom, Happy Home. 
  10. Still SO cold!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Travelling with kids

Remember before kids when you travelled armed with a magazine, a couple snacks and some headphones? Take a look at us when we travel now. A stroller, a carrier, a roll-on luggage, pump and  baby bag later, we're ready to go.

I have two great travellers but it's no longer the stress-free, exciting experience it once was.... at least not for the adults. I have found though that these items/tips help me:
1- Toddler entertainment- between a sticker book, some mini-toys and the iPad, Cassia is usually pretty entertained. I also bought this kid headphone that has come in very handy. Before any trip, I normally make a trip to the dollar store and get a couple small activities and toys which I rotate through the flight.
2- Baby Gravol- 'nuff said. I haven't used it in the last couple trips but I need to start back.
3- Sanitising wipes to disinfect the area- my kids touch everything.
4- Healthy snacks to avoid a sugar crash. I put a couple sweet treats in but also try to grab a fruit and savory snack. If we're in Mississauga before we go to the Toronto airport- someone makes us amazing sandwiches which always taste better than airport food ;-)
5- Different hard baby toys as they drop them on the floor so often (see #3 and increase quantity)
6- A couple baby blankets as these sometimes fall as well.
7- We purchase a couple bottles of water before we board. If you see Cassia drink out of a bottle, you would understand why this kid gets her own bottle.
8- Changes of clothes for the girls-- things that can be layered. Also, changes of tops for the adults. I've heard too many stories of puking kids not to do this.
9- When going to warm destinations, I usually layer my summer clothes with a soft cardigan and scarf. Very comfortable for me and whichever child I am holding. Also, when we get there, I can tightly roll it and stuff it in the carry on.

Happy Travelling!

Getting ready to board! The stroller is being used as a trolley right now

Me pretending I was travelling without kids-- yes, I am actually reading a magazine

Anjali en route to T&C enjoying the empty seat next to me. 

At Turks-- the layers are coming off!

Back to Toronto. Anjali is not pleased

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