Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Turks 2013- Celebrity sightings

Warning- if you are not family, these are a lot of photos to go though--- I took several hundred. I'm breaking it up into bits as it's so much to go through....

Beaches is a mini Sesame Street (basically they have the Sesame Street licence) much to the delight of the kids running around. There were tons of Sesame street activities such as Tea Time with Abby, Elmo-cise with Elmo and Baking with Cookie Monster. Nights were filled with parades and shows and ever so often we would run into celebrities characters all around the resort and even the grownups would get into the excitement. We also went to a  breakfast where Cassia got to spend time with all the different characters.  Here are just a few shots...

The conga line at the character breakfast 

We were a part of said conga line 

The family and Zoey

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