Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring teaser

This Canadian weather!!! On Monday, it was rainy but 9 degrees out. The baby and I spent some time outdoors running errands and enjoying the fresh scent of what we thought was early spring... this was just a teaser though as the next two days were filled with (light) snow and hail. And this morning we woke up to -10 again! 

Yes, our trip to Turks and Caicos has made the rest of the winter go by just a bit faster. And yes, on mornings the sight of our winter wonderland backyard is peaceful  while sipping steaming jugs cups of tea.  I'm so ready for spring though.  Maybe in a week or two?!

In the meanwhile, enjoy some spring fashions, courtesy of my girls. 

The fashionista with her colour-blocked neon dress

Sweet A with her little puffer jacket- and Cassia's winter hat.

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