Thursday, March 14, 2013

Travelling with kids

Remember before kids when you travelled armed with a magazine, a couple snacks and some headphones? Take a look at us when we travel now. A stroller, a carrier, a roll-on luggage, pump and  baby bag later, we're ready to go.

I have two great travellers but it's no longer the stress-free, exciting experience it once was.... at least not for the adults. I have found though that these items/tips help me:
1- Toddler entertainment- between a sticker book, some mini-toys and the iPad, Cassia is usually pretty entertained. I also bought this kid headphone that has come in very handy. Before any trip, I normally make a trip to the dollar store and get a couple small activities and toys which I rotate through the flight.
2- Baby Gravol- 'nuff said. I haven't used it in the last couple trips but I need to start back.
3- Sanitising wipes to disinfect the area- my kids touch everything.
4- Healthy snacks to avoid a sugar crash. I put a couple sweet treats in but also try to grab a fruit and savory snack. If we're in Mississauga before we go to the Toronto airport- someone makes us amazing sandwiches which always taste better than airport food ;-)
5- Different hard baby toys as they drop them on the floor so often (see #3 and increase quantity)
6- A couple baby blankets as these sometimes fall as well.
7- We purchase a couple bottles of water before we board. If you see Cassia drink out of a bottle, you would understand why this kid gets her own bottle.
8- Changes of clothes for the girls-- things that can be layered. Also, changes of tops for the adults. I've heard too many stories of puking kids not to do this.
9- When going to warm destinations, I usually layer my summer clothes with a soft cardigan and scarf. Very comfortable for me and whichever child I am holding. Also, when we get there, I can tightly roll it and stuff it in the carry on.

Happy Travelling!

Getting ready to board! The stroller is being used as a trolley right now

Me pretending I was travelling without kids-- yes, I am actually reading a magazine

Anjali en route to T&C enjoying the empty seat next to me. 

At Turks-- the layers are coming off!

Back to Toronto. Anjali is not pleased

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