Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekly Update

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone had a great week.

  1. We're all sorted out from our vacation- laundry done, summer clothes repacked :-(, luggage back in the basement. Though the tans have faded, we have lovely memories and photos that I need to capture in some sort of photobook. That's a little project for the upcoming weeks when Shutterfly has a discount of some sort. 
  2. Speaking of pictures, I need to post some on this blog. My camera/iPhoto is acting up so I can only download a few photos at a time--- very painful but slowly getting done. 
  3. To Montessori or not to montessori-- I think we'll be enrolling Cassia in a Montessori school that we've found. It's added work for us but I think it will be worth it. That's another blog post. 
  4. Anjali is becoming more fond of food. This week we've sampled egg yolks, corn, mushrooms, toast and chicken. 
  5. Cassia and Darin ever so often have a daddy-daughter date at Tim Hortons' on Saturday morning. He lets her have tim-bits for breakfast and I turn a blind eye. I can't wait for the day when both daughters can go so this mom can sleep in. 
  6. Why is Darin looking at these watches?
  7. Our detox from all that wonderful food in Turks has begun and will kick into high gear next week!
  8. We are fasting today and doing special prayers for  Maha Shivratri.
  9. Busy weekend filled with Darin being on call, errands, chores, friends come over and dental visits. 

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