Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Update- Turks & Caicos Edition

We are back from beautiful Turks and Caicos. It was one of the most wonderful, relaxing vacations we have ever had. We also hadn't been on vacation with just the four of us since- well since never! And the last time, it was at the same resort... it was so nice we had to do it twice (trinis will appreciate that joke).

  1. We stayed at the amazing Beaches Resort. Our room was just off the kids' pool- very, convenient. 
  2. Sun- we had perfect weather for our seven days there- around 31 degrees but nice dry heat... Three of the four of us came back just a little browner.
  3. Food- Three of the four of us also came back just a little bit bigger... I can't really remember a time in the seven days that I was ever hungry.  With 16 restaurants, fresh seafood and the most amazing chocolate chip cookies, let's just say the detox began today!
  4. Beach- the Grand Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen with calm turquoise waters and powdery sand- we took a couple swims and some nice long walks on this scenic shoreline but my one regret is that we didn't spend enough time on the beach. 
  5. Pools- we spent the most time in the pool- the kiddie pool, the grown up pool, the swim up bar, the hot tub (it was really a warm tub to accommodate the kids)
  6. Drinks--- I celebrated with champagne (sometimes mixed with Chambord or Peach Schnapps), Darin sampled the drinks of the day but had an affinity for banana daiquiris and Cassia was hooked on the fruit smoothies.
  7. Celebrities-- we have some great pictures with the Sesame Street celebrities- Elmo, Cookie Monster and the others delighted Cassia to no end. We also did a breakfast "star studded" with the characters. 
  8. Both girls had tons of fun in the kiddie camp and the adults got a little break. Most days, we would drop them off mid morning and pick them up early afternoon. We would then go swimming until the evening and then drop them off again.  Cassia did all these different activities- baking with Cookie Monster, Dancing with Elmo, costume parties, movie nights, being part of the parade. And Sweet Anjali just loved all the attention  she was given by all the nannies.... they were so sad when she left.... 
  9. Anjali's skin loved the warm weather--- this is the best it has been since she has been born. She was a trooper with all the travelling and changes to her routine and just rolled with the punches, sleeping on her little trundle bed all through the night. 
I have tons of pictures to sort through but here are just a few of our favourites. 
Baking with Cookie Monster 

Liming with the biggest coolest Bird in the world!

Our sweeties

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