Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly Update

  1. A very busy day-- a funeral really early this morning for D and me. Before that, we had to take the girls to a friend's house for them to babysit. And all of this was about an hour away from home. Then it was back home, lunch, a party Cass had to attend, groceries, ice-skating, dinner, bath and bedtime--- I'm exhausted!
  2. The wheels fell off the wagon at ice-skating today-- totally warrants its own post.
  3. I still have to post our vacation pictures... my camera and laptop are not syncing properly so it's taking a really long time-- maybe sometime this week. 
  4. I'm in prep mode for Cassia's birthday party- this is the first party that will be held away from the house, and today coincidentally, the party she went to was at the same venue. It's an art studio in Cambridge and she'll be having a princess party--- hey, it's what she wants! The guest list is changing daily!
  5. Little Miss Anjali is thriving and getting so big- I think she will crawl any day now but I kind of don't want her to- in a way, I'd like her to stay a baby just a bit longer. 
  6. Darin is firming up plans to take some parental leave in the summer-- who knows what sort of adventure we'll have?!
  7. Is it just me or has Grey's Anatomy totally jumped the shark with this whole 'doctors buying the hospital and renaming it' storyline?
  8. Got some great news that my baby brother may be getting engaged in May! So excited!
  9. We bit the bullet and I am now getting a babysitter a couple times weekly so that I can have a little time for myself. Happy Mom, Happy Home. 
  10. Still SO cold!

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