Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness

Even though we don't fully do March break yet, we headed over a couple weeks ago to my friend Andrea's house for our kids to spend some time together... and for me to chat with one of my favourite friends. Moms need entertainment too! 

I picked Cass up from daycare half-day and she was so keyed up, she didn't nap on the way there. The afternoon was filled with fun, pizza, cookies and some time outdoors as well.  There were lots of kids running around as each of her children also had friends over. At one point, there were nine kids in the house! Anjali was also keyed up and only had a half an hour nap but fell asleep later on sitting up. 

As a new (ish) mom, with everything going on in the world,  I sometimes worry  about my kids growing up and dealing with things like peer pressure, cliques and drama in school. These three kids are so absolutely normal and emotionally healthy that when I spend time with them, it hits home that the world can actually be an okay place to bring kids up in if you parent properly. I overheard quite a bit of their conversations when they didn't think adults were listening and they were so kind, compassionate and sweet. Even though these kids are older than mine, they made sure to play with Cass and entertain her. I am glad my girls have such wonderful role models around as they grow up. Great job, Andrea and Will!

William practising

Anjali all sprawled out
Will and Anjali

Anjali's holding court

Will comes home

She just fell asleep sitting up

Aunty Andrea ended up babysitting again for us later on in the week

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