Friday, June 23, 2017

Five cheers for Friday!

Summer Fridays are just that much more fun, right? Here are our favourites this week.

1- Three more days until school! Well a week but we're starting summer early here with a visit to Vermont. Gymnastics and dance are done for the year and look who's come back into our lifes. The amazing Sarah who I can't say enough good things about.

2- For a family wedding a couple weeks ago, the bride arranged an amazing makeup artist for us. Using Shay's trick, I asked her what one beauty product she would recommend out of her arsenal, she said this 'miracle cream' (used as a cleanser, moisturiser and a primer) that she uses as a primer which makes the most regular makeup really illuminated.-  I ordered some off Amazon and can't wait to try it.
And the makeup which was done at around 5 am but lasted until 10 pm

3- A bit late but a couple weeks ago, my family headed to a local stable where they had a food truck fundraiser... and pony rides. Such a fun little outing! And the butter chicken grilled cheese sandwich?! SO good.

 C goes to camp there in a couple weeks and she is STOKED!

4- A is a flower girl in my cousin's wedding so we were shoe shopping yesterday. I let the girls try on some tiny heels which they begged me for. #yeahno #firstheels #butnotreally

5- And this happened yesterday  after strawberry picking (post coming another time). Half the sugar but still such a sweet treat!

Happy weekending, loves!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Fun List 2017

With tomorrow being the official start of summer and all, I give you our summer fun list! Though, let's face it, we've been enjoying all things sunshine whenever we can....

As you can see, the fun has begun!

You can check out 20142015 and 2016's lists also.
Happy summer-ing, friends!

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekending & Father's Day Weekend 2017

This weekend:

- had an awesome start on Friday with home made snow crab and sauvignon blanc. If I had to choose my last meal, that would be right up there. We started a family Bollywood movie but couldn't even finish half.

- I went on a run on Saturday morning with my neighbour. Side-note, she is twenty years older and five inches shorter and I struggled to keep up... and sometimes didn't #fitnessgoals

- We went to Emma's Beauty and the Beast party with all her other cousins. So much kids and so much fun.

- D's brother and his family from Chicago visited and spent Father's Day with us along with D's parents. The cousins had a wonderful time and the kids miss each other so much and are already planning their next visit.

- We ended the evening by heading out to a nice dinner with D's parents and then tried to finish the rest of the movie (spoiler alert, we didn't)


Can you tell who is the poser in the group?

And just like that it's Monday again. May your caffeine be strong and your week short!

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Our Ballerina's First Recital

Well our second ballerina's first recital anyways... Totally worth a Friday Favourite's post, no? This last Saturday was little Miss A's first foray into dance. Each week, she twirled and twerked her little self with her little friends- ok maybe not the latter but girlfriend does bust out some risque moves on occasion. Case in point, her ghetto plie.

First off, hats off to me for this bun perfection :-D #bundonut

 And our little ballerina pre-recital. My girl was a crocodile in a Peter Pan production. #neversmileatacrocodile

 Pre-show colouring.

A little warm up- this was the cutest thing ever.

We weren't allowed to take pictures of the show but here we are after! Her friend

And one with her mama!The lady who takes her to the classes and all...

We were blessed that Ajee and Aja were able to come see the show. 

 And one with Dad!

 We only did one of the three recitals as we had a family wedding to attend but it was a beautiful show! Such a special time for our little lady and we are so proud! Her elegance, grace and confidence (with a little temerity thrown in for good measure) were certainly stage worthy! 
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kids Behind the Blog- Summer Time!

The kids behind the blog  is one of my favourite linkups with Beth and some other lovelies!A little Q & A with the kids always has me cracking up.

(For the newbies to my blog, C is eight and A is almost five)

Do parents get a summer break?
C- Sometimes. Some people who work at stores get a summer break (??)
A- Noooooo.  
If you could change your name what would you change it to? 
C- I like my name. (I do as well, doll)
A- (After a short but thoughtful consideration) Emma. 

How much do you grow in the summertime? 
C- A little bit
 A- I don't understand you. I do not even understand you.
Would you rather go to the beach or to Disney World? 
C-Disney world
A- I would rather go to both. When are we going to the beach?

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

C- Mango. No, no, no strawberry frozen yogurt.
A- Strawberry... no, no, no coconut.
Least favorite? 
C- Chocolate
A- Strawberry. (then I had to explain to her what 'least' meant-) Oh chocolate. I don't even like chocolate the candy. 

(she is clearly not my child)

 A two-fer link up today with Shay and Erica with Working It Wednesdays on how we keep our kids busy in the summer. Let's preface this by saying though keeping busy is good, I believe that it's so important to have down days as well with not a lot going on. Kids get to entertain themselves which I think is an important life skill to have. Boredom is not an allowed word in this house. However, here are a few ways we keep ourselves busy around here.

Books- We borrow library books, buy new books, reread old ones and magazines! Reading is a huge part of our lives. This summer we are hopefully looking into a library reading club. 

Activity Sets- Lots of stickers, crayons, paints, play-doh and colouring being done around here!

TV- My kids don't get to watch TV during the week here but we relax the rules in the summer. They are HUGE fans of this. LOL.

Camps- This year we have a couple camps planned so that breaks up the summer just a bit. We are also doing summer soccer and swimming lessons in the evenings.

Playdates with other families- Lunch and playing with some of our favourite people who we don't get to catch up with during the school year!? Yes, please.    

Cooking- my kids love helping out in the kitchen and summer is the perfect time to try out some new recipes. Our annual jam making sesh is one of our very favourite days of the year!
Swimming- lots and lots of pool time!   

Weekend/Day Trips- markets, movies, museums, splash pads, parks and berry picking are just a few examples of great trips to do. My kids even love Costco and Farm Boy with all the samples. 

Walks- we live about a block away from a busy street with lots to do. Sometimes a quick ice cream trip or lunch is an awesome treat.

What are you up to this summer?

Friday, June 9, 2017

Little Letters

Who's ready for the weekend?!
Time for some little letters!

Dear A,
I hope that the portion control you exhibit with dessert continues into your future years. No one else in this house would have a donut on their plate and then leave a bite just because they've 'had enough'. 

Dear Fresh Cream Body Wash,
Showering is way more pleasant because of your fresh scent. These restricted calorie days, I can't eat fresh cream but I can certainly enjoy a shower in it. 

Dear Metabolic Rate,
What gives? I'm trying my best! Can you not work with a chick?! I look at what I eat now and if we are comparing ourselves to two years ago, I should be a tiny thing.

Dear C,
I'm loving that you are trying new foods and eating your fruits and veggies including okra-- a tough one, for most. Salmon is a ways off still but I'm glad you tried a bite the other day.  Well done, little one! 

Dear June, 
Let's try for some more sunshine, huh? Isn't it supposed to be April showers? What's with all the rain in June?

Dear Neighbours,
You guys are awesome and win the award for being social butterflies. Loving the blind wine tasting Susan hosted the other night and Friday evening socials that are coming soon!

Dear Dance Moms,
Smiles, manners and inclusion are what we try to teach our girls. Cliques aren't okay. Neither is snarkiness even though recitals are the longest.weekend.ever. There are only a couple not so nice apples but boy can they spoil a basket. 

Dear Weekend, 
You will be a packed one. Please let us get through you with a get together, dance recital, two night hotel stay, 9:30 am Sunday morning weekend and after party!

Dear Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie from our local health food store,
I crave you every single day. I cannot afford you every single day though! I've tried to recreate you at home but it's just not working out. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! It's going to be a busy one.

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