Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kids Behind the Blog- Summer Time!

The kids behind the blog  is one of my favourite linkups with Beth and some other lovelies!A little Q & A with the kids always has me cracking up.

(For the newbies to my blog, C is eight and A is almost five)

Do parents get a summer break?
C- Sometimes. Some people who work at stores get a summer break (??)
A- Noooooo.  
If you could change your name what would you change it to? 
C- I like my name. (I do as well, doll)
A- (After a short but thoughtful consideration) Emma. 

How much do you grow in the summertime? 
C- A little bit
 A- I don't understand you. I do not even understand you.
Would you rather go to the beach or to Disney World? 
C-Disney world
A- I would rather go to both. When are we going to the beach?

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

C- Mango. No, no, no strawberry frozen yogurt.
A- Strawberry... no, no, no coconut.
Least favorite? 
C- Chocolate
A- Strawberry. (then I had to explain to her what 'least' meant-) Oh chocolate. I don't even like chocolate the candy. 

(she is clearly not my child)

 A two-fer link up today with Shay and Erica with Working It Wednesdays on how we keep our kids busy in the summer. Let's preface this by saying though keeping busy is good, I believe that it's so important to have down days as well with not a lot going on. Kids get to entertain themselves which I think is an important life skill to have. Boredom is not an allowed word in this house. However, here are a few ways we keep ourselves busy around here.

Books- We borrow library books, buy new books, reread old ones and magazines! Reading is a huge part of our lives. This summer we are hopefully looking into a library reading club. 

Activity Sets- Lots of stickers, crayons, paints, play-doh and colouring being done around here!

TV- My kids don't get to watch TV during the week here but we relax the rules in the summer. They are HUGE fans of this. LOL.

Camps- This year we have a couple camps planned so that breaks up the summer just a bit. We are also doing summer soccer and swimming lessons in the evenings.

Playdates with other families- Lunch and playing with some of our favourite people who we don't get to catch up with during the school year!? Yes, please.    

Cooking- my kids love helping out in the kitchen and summer is the perfect time to try out some new recipes. Our annual jam making sesh is one of our very favourite days of the year!
Swimming- lots and lots of pool time!   

Weekend/Day Trips- markets, movies, museums, splash pads, parks and berry picking are just a few examples of great trips to do. My kids even love Costco and Farm Boy with all the samples. 

Walks- we live about a block away from a busy street with lots to do. Sometimes a quick ice cream trip or lunch is an awesome treat.

What are you up to this summer?


  1. Ok... there is something going on...... this is the third post I've read where their kid has said they don't like chocolate!! What the what?! Chocolate is clearly the best! Also I love the "I don't even understand you"...

  2. Daytrip's were one of the things I love most about summer when the boys were little! Your girls are so sweet and I know you're the best mama and you make the best summer memories!

  3. So cute! I love their perception about our time off. They are such sweet girls.

  4. Haha I love reading your girl's answers! Oh how I wish adults got summer break! And love A's answer of the beach and Disney. <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. I don't understand you! Lol. I think you'll do great keeping the kids busy with these ideas!

  6. Yes to lots and lots of pool time ooooh and going to Disney and the beach! Oh how I miss getting a summer break. I so wish it was a thing for adults too <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Oh my goodness, her answer to how much you grow in the Summer made me laugh! That's totally something my 5 year old would say!

  8. So nice you have a pool! I love those questions that your girls answer, they are dolls.

  9. I think both sets of our girls are so similar... except the chocolate loving thing that is.

  10. Your pictures reminds me that I have to blow up our pink flamingo that I got the other day for our guests coming on Saturday, although is that going to mean that everyone is going to fight for it? Hmmm...Baby Fox said chocolate was his least favorite too, funny.


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