Friday, June 2, 2017


Happy Friday! Off to a late start as the kiddos are home today. Loving that they are at the age to subsist for an hour so we can sleep in just a bit before this happened for breakfast!

Here are the little favourites from this week around here:

1- We got to see my nephew last weekend  for a few moments on his whirlwind visit  to Toronto. He is the sweetest thing!

2- These dresses at Winners (our Canadian version of Marshall's) came home with me this week. I think I'll get some wear out of them in the next few months! 

3- My friend Priya introduced us to these coconut clusters and I literally have to sit on my hands not to eat them. 

They are SO yum and are delicious with a scoop of ice cream for a simple  summer treat.

4- A and I had a day together off yesterday while her school had parent teacher interviews. First off, it's so lovely to hear all the sweet things her teachers had to say about her, her growth and her little personality... and also about the cool lunches I prepare LOL. We had an awesome day running errands, shopping and enjoying each other's company.

For lunch, I had this awesome vegan bowl from Freshii with a coconut curry base. SO delicious!

Yeah she took her shoes off at my skin care place. She is fancy like that. 

5- The weather is on the upswing. Maybe one day soon, we'll be able to swim. In the meanwhile, we'll make multiple hopscotch boxes outside.

Happy weekending, loves!
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  1. Those coconut clusters look great! I love anything coconut! Hoping your weather warms up soon! We've actually had nice enough weather that I wish we had a pool to swim in. The river here is too fast and dirty still. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  2. I can't believe it's already June! Love those dresses you scooped up and those coconut clusters with ice cream?! YUM!

  3. I need to find those Coconut clusters. Yum! Adore the dresses you picked up from Winner's. I'm sure you'll get great use out of the black dress since it's so versatile. I love shopping at Winner's when I'm in Canada.

  4. Those tops from Winners are adorable- I love the polka dots!

  5. Those polkadots, SO cute! I need to keep my eyes open for some of those clusters. I LOVE coconut everything.

  6. Oh my gosh that vegan bowl looks so good!! Hope you had a nice weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. That polka dot dress, can I come steal it from you? So fun!


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