Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?!

Good Morning, friends! I have neglected this little space of mine for a couple days but just wanted to pop in to say hi before I pop out for at least 10 days again for some family time in Vermont and then NYC! Here's what's going on with us....

What we're eating?
We are just cleaning out our fridge before we head out on our trip. Lots of salads, leftovers and breakfast for dinner.... the best way to have breakfast IMO.
What I'm reminiscing about?
Today's our last day of school so I'm just reminiscing with mixed feelings about the first day of school. My babies aren't keeping.

Second grade teachers!

And my little lady dressed herself yesterday!!! Legwarmers for the win.

What I'm loving?
We went to this restaurant last week. Not quite tapas but a sharing menu and had the most wonderful fusion cuisine!

What I'm dreading?
Our long road trip to Vermont, NYC and then back to Canada with a certain four year old--- If I could count the amount of times she says "are we there yet?", I would be a millionaire.
What we've been up to?
And end of year gifts. This year, I did the usual gift cards for C's teachers (with a checklist/note she completes), soy candles and jewelry dishes for A's teachers and chocolates for all of the auxiliary staff. 

And enjoying summer! Guys, I had this amazing decontructed california roll dip this weekend at a friend's house. It was SO good!

What I'm excited about?
Seeing my family and visiting Vermont for the very first time!
The Vermont church. Can't wait to see the rest!

What I'm watching/reading?
Call The Midwife. I'm onto Season 3 and I'm loving it. Can't watch it when I'm eating though!! And The Bachelorette. I'm loving Peter on my screen. 

What I'm listening to?
Podcasts and I rented some audiobooks from the library for our trip!
What I'm wearing?
Lots of summery stuff. Well tops anyways. Still too cold for shorts/shorter dresses most days.

What I'm doing this weekend?
My cousin is getting married!!! I remember when she was born and I thought she was the cutest baby that there ever was. It will be a fun one.... and my aunt will bawl down the place. She cried more than everyone else for my wedding so I can't imagine for her own offspring.

What are you looking forward to next month?
A wedding, some Vermont and NYC sightseeing, time with family, summer with the kids, sleeping in and enjoying some family time!
What else is new?
Planning a 5th birthday party for a certain watermelon obsessed daughter.

Have a wonderful day!! Don't miss me too much ;-)

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  1. Any time I hear Vermont I think of the movie White Christmas, lol. It is so crazy to me that you are just getting out of school and we only have 5 weeks until we head back. Things are just so different everywhere. When do y'all start back?

  2. Those food pics look yummy. Have fun at the wedding!

  3. Soo much good food! Your girls are beautiful. Kids grow up so quickly!

  4. OH we loved it when we went to Vermont and NYC, it was so fun! Have a great time and good luck driving!


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