Friday, June 23, 2017

Five cheers for Friday!

Summer Fridays are just that much more fun, right? Here are our favourites this week.

1- Three more days until school! Well a week but we're starting summer early here with a visit to Vermont. Gymnastics and dance are done for the year and look who's come back into our lifes. The amazing Sarah who I can't say enough good things about.

2- For a family wedding a couple weeks ago, the bride arranged an amazing makeup artist for us. Using Shay's trick, I asked her what one beauty product she would recommend out of her arsenal, she said this 'miracle cream' (used as a cleanser, moisturiser and a primer) that she uses as a primer which makes the most regular makeup really illuminated.-  I ordered some off Amazon and can't wait to try it.
And the makeup which was done at around 5 am but lasted until 10 pm

3- A bit late but a couple weeks ago, my family headed to a local stable where they had a food truck fundraiser... and pony rides. Such a fun little outing! And the butter chicken grilled cheese sandwich?! SO good.

 C goes to camp there in a couple weeks and she is STOKED!

4- A is a flower girl in my cousin's wedding so we were shoe shopping yesterday. I let the girls try on some tiny heels which they begged me for. #yeahno #firstheels #butnotreally

5- And this happened yesterday  after strawberry picking (post coming another time). Half the sugar but still such a sweet treat!

Happy weekending, loves!

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  1. Look at you making jam! That photo of you, OMG! You are beyond words beautiful friend. Absolutely stunning. I hope y'all have an amazing weekend.

  2. You look beautiful with the fresh makeup and that gorgeous sari! I love Indian weddings with all the bling bling saris.

  3. makeup done at 5am and lasts till 10?? Sold! You looked beautiful btw!

  4. Your makeup looked amazing!! Have an amazing time in Vermont and yay for all things summer <3
    Green Fashionista


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