Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday favourites

Happy Friday. Here are all the random happenings from our week.

1- My new obsession has been golden milk. In the Trinidadian-indo culture, it's usually given to new mothers as it's supposed to be cleansing. It's milk, fresh tumeric, fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks and a bit of green cardamom.  Sweetened with a touch of honey. If you like chai, this one is for you. 

2- My kids have both been at camp this week and loving it. This week it's a girl empowerment camp filled with fun and activities like drama, art, baking, sports, crafting and building. We also have a show today that showcases some of their talents at camp. It's definitely one that we'll consider again for next year.

3- While the kids are away, my job has been closets, closets and closets. Namely the girls' dressers and closets. I'm saving all the big house stuff for September but man, this was one we just needed to get done and it couldn't wait any longer. it.just.couldn't. Stuff has been sorted and put into keep, toss or donate piles. It's amazing how much crap junk stuff kids accumulate.

4- I did also manage to slip away for two lunches, first with my cousin and then with a friend. Have you guys ever had poke? So delicious. We also had sushi bowls and I've been craving it since.

5- And just a few smiles.

how my kids look at me when I make my kids clean their rooms before they get screen time.

When I'm stuck behind a massive truck going 45 in a 60 km/h zone and I'm running late for my kids.

When I tell my nephew not to play with something.

If you missed my other blog posts this week:

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!
 Mine includes a roadtrip to the wonderful US of A.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Flamingo Birthday Pool Party

Oh dear, as I'm downloading all these flamingo pool party pics to my very temperamental Mac, I hope to dear God that they exist somewhere in cyber space. Otherwise, it will be my mom's random iPhone shots to the rescue.

A's pool party. A flamingo pool party. Because when Mom searched for  pool party invites on Etsy, the most appealing one found was a flamingo one. 

With our info of course. #internetcraziesbegone

And then we found this
(the flamingo, not the daughter)


 So heading to the party...

It was one of the hottest days of the year so far.... and Canada isn't known for it's hot weather... but we are island people so when we say hot it was HOT! Here are a few of the deets:

Flamingo punch (pink lemonade)
Water (lots of it)
Sidenote: I wanted to do pool juice (aka Hawaiian punch) but man, when  I saw the ingredients, I couldn't

Shrimp wantons (because flamingos eat shrimp)
 Veggies and fruit skewers (obvs)
Pepper jelly dip and chips (my friend made it and I'm obsessed with this new recipe)
Pinwheel sandwiches
 Eats also included:
Fried chicken sliders
corn on the cob
cole slaw and
quinoa salad
(As with all our parties, people were well fed)

 And then the fun. I hired my girls' swim instructor (and her brother) to lifeguard and play games with the kids. But seriously, the kids didn't need it. They just played... and played... and played.

And then we spread a picnic blanket inside. They ate and then there was cake. 
We tried a homemade version this year. #lemoncakeforthewin. My friend Dani also helped with the frosting. Add some vanilla ice cream (for national ice cream day) and it's what Charlie Sheen would call winning! And saving money.

 With two thirds of our guests (a few had to leave as the kids did not want to get out of the pool so the party ran late and long).

My little one had the best time celebrating with her friends! And it was a super low key,  fun one for the adults as well. We actually got some time to sit and chat with friends. AND eat the food. That never happens!

 Oh and beach towels for party favours for the win. Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah!

With flamingo cookies, rice krispie treats and flamingo pops to go home as well. #yourewelcomeparents 

 A super sweet party for our super sweet girl!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Indulgences

Just a few of the things that bring me some happy in the too few summer months:

Sleeping in 
My girls are getting to the point that we can sleep in a bit if we don't have an early morning activity. 

Ice cream
Of the soft serve variety-- though we're really not picky and wouldn't throw a regular ice cream out or anything. #crazytalk

Beachy reads 
So many good summer reads that I don't have the time for during the year.  I reread some of my faves and buy and borrow new ones. Oh and we borrow audio books for long trips.

Binge worthy shows 
As my regular shows aren't around, we find a series sometimes and binge watch it. This is how we've become obsessed with shows like Mad Men, Parenthood and Revenge. This year, I've just started Friday Night Lights and I love it!

Chips n' dip 
We love summer appies and my faves are the organic chips as they taste like the ones from Mexican restaurants. Salsas, guacs and many other fresh concoctions, dips are definitely our go to's for simple snacks. 

Lack of schedules 
Last summer I was pretty good about going to the gym everyday but with the broken collarbone and not wanting to pay for daycare when I'm not regularly going, it's been a bit more challenging so I find myself doing workouts at home lots. Other than that, except when there is camp (like this week), we've been just taking it easy, playdates, reading and simple summer activities! 

Long walks 
Without going to the gym as much, I find myself taking after dinner strolls to explore our new neighbourhood, check out new houses and get my steps in.

Nordstrom anniversary sale
Shopping for fall in the middle of summer for discounted prices... yes PLEASE!!

White wine spritzers 
A little white, some sparkling water, lemon and lime... my friend Jenn introduced me to this one and we love it in this house. Though this year, sangrias have been high on our hit list as well.

Beachy Hair
Wash, messy bun, spray and go. #beachyhairdontcare. Lazy summer styling.

Did I miss any? What are your favourite summer indulgences?

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekending-- the daughter birthday edition

Happy Monday, friends!

This wonderful weekend: 

+ we began early by celebrating the birthday girl on her actual day on Friday

+ our friends Dani, Raven and Wren showed up in the morning for birthday timbits and a playdate. 
Dani then proceeded to help me with cake decorating, fruit cutting and skewering.

+ D took our little family out to lunch where A got a birthday pie in the face. She cried.

+ my parents and cousin came from NYC to visit and celebrate A's special day

+ it was takeout, pool time and ice cream cake for dinner. The birthday girl took a 5 pm nap-- just because....

+ the kids and my parents went to a kiddie run on Saturday  in the am.

+ we spent the rest of the day celebrating with a party for A and her flamingos. (details to follow in a separate post, obvs)

+ On Sunday, my parents made a late trini breakfast and took the kids out for a bit. 

+ We took walks in our neighbourhood, spent time in the pool and some of us I even napped a bit. 

+ We had some golden milk to end our night. 

And how is it almost August already?

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Friday, July 22, 2016


Just like that my baby is FOUR today!! So this Friday Favourites is focused on her and what she's been up to this year.

She enjoyed her sunshine birthday party last July.

And then she went to Disney in August

 In September, we started preschool

In October, we had our Halloween outfit changes.

And in November, I loved looking at all these different expressions.

Another wonderful Christmas in December!

January was pure mayhem when we did our big move

And in February, we sipped our steamed milk and got our first big haircut- a few weeks later, she gave herself another one at home and promptly went back to the hairdresser for a fix up.

We enjoyed the sun in Mexico in March! (fun fact, after this picture was taken, the waves virtually swept all 26 lbs of her into the ocean and the photographer had to race to get her)

We had hot and cold weird El Nino weather in April.

In May we celebrated dad (and four grandparents came to visit)

In June, we finished up school and began working on our tan.

And here we are in July again.

Little girl, words cannot begin to express what you bring to our lives with your special brand of sweetness, sass and smarts. These are just a few of the things we love about you:

You make us laugh daily with all your little stories and expressions. 

You're so weird with your love of olives, feta and babies (you must be Greek). 

Your kindness and empathy when someone is hurting

Your phrase when you bring your reading, "Ok, I'm ready to do some learning now."

Your consideration for the elderly and family.

Your love of sharing. If you like something, then everyone should try it.

You light up our lives, that's for sure. 

We wish you an amazing year of learning, joy and fun!

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

A lil' Q & A with a sassy (almost) four year old

On the eve of our little lady turning FOUR, I thought a lil' Q& A would be in order. I usually ask each kid the same set of questions and compare them to last year's and potentially embarrass them in years to come. 

What is your favourite colour?
Pink and Purple

And your favourite Food?
(both my kids LOVE pasta)

What toy do you like most?
Bitty Baby

What do you like to do the most?
(not a lie, she just can't quit me)

What's your most beloved Movie? 

Who is your Best friend? 
(this was after much contemplation)

What's your Favourite thing about Cassia? 
Playing play-doh and colouring 

What's your favourite thing about  mommy?
Hugging Mommy

What's your favourite thing about Daddy? 
Playing with him

What book do you like best? 
Cookie Monster and Goldilocks

What's your favourite fruit ?
Trees and Broccoli
Oh, apples of course.

What's your favourite TV show? 
Caillou, Toopy and Binoo & Paw Patrol
(She is watching way too much TV this summer)

What's your favourite thing to wear? 
My strawberry picking dress with the zip on the side

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
I don't know, what do you think I should be?

What's your favourite drink?
Apple sauce and juice boxes

Your best song is? 
Lollipop song that Miss Dani has on her phone with boop, doop, doo, doop

And your favourite game?
Frozen Patter
(I think she was done here)

What's your favourite animal?  
A flamingo, of course
(staring out at the flamingo float for her party)

What don't you like to do?
I don't like to run.
(they are doing a race on Saturday and both girls don't want to do it. I kind of regret signing them up)

What do you want for your birthday? 
I would like clothes for Bitty Baby-- she doesn't have enough clothes

Such a little lady, full of light and love!

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