Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Style

Summer styling is the best. Bring on the colour, light fabrics and flip flops. Here are just a few of my go to's for 2016--- the year of easy!

With my broken collarbone, it was all about the swing dresses this summer. I have this dress in 5 different colours and the sleeveless version in two. They were SO cheap on sale from Gap/Old Navy. They're also great coverups after swimming and totally easy to accessorize. 

I don't think I have worn any summer dress as much as this one that I got last summer… with a statement necklace and wedges to dress it up and with a simple necklace and sandals for the daytime…. i'm thinking of purchasing it in another colour but it never goes on sale. (size down though if purchasing)

Can you tell what colour I'm obsessed with?

Rompers totally suit my body type and this one is my go-to this summer. I ordered it in pink when it went on sale. 

I totally surprised myself by buying this print maxi but I'm loving it!

And for accessories,  I tend to go light during the day with some statement pieces like a nice chunky bracelet or necklace thrown in (I don't do huge earrings often as I'm kind of worried of it catching in something). 

I adore this one I bought a couple years ago and wear it all year round.

This one is an oldie but another good one that blog-land hearts. (goes on sale a few times a year too)

And my studs in so many colours! 

What are your go-to's for summer? Linking up with Shelly and Katy today for Spiel The Beans!



  1. I still have not jumped on the romper train, but I love that simple black on. I also LOVE ON swing dresses. I live in them during the school year. That printed maxi is too cute! Have a great day!

  2. Gorgeous style...I love those swing dresses!

  3. You are such a gorgeous, classy lady friend. That print looks amazing on you too. Good choice for sure!

  4. Oh my goodness no wonder you are wearing so much blue!!! You look amazing in blue. Loving all your simple summer style! Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  5. That cobalt blue does look fabulous on you! I've always loved that color and don't own enough pieces in it. Light and comfortable dresses are perfect for summer especially in your case with a broken bone! I hope it heals up soon. :-)

  6. I love all of your picks this Summer. That Old Navy dress is the cutest, and the blue looks SO pretty on you!

  7. You are gorgeous, friend! I wish I could wear rompers, so cute (dang long torso!) That maxi is darling.

  8. I love the color of those studs. So classy!

  9. Love your style - especially those sweet necklaces! Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  10. Love your recommendationsand that maxi dress looks so pretty on you. i ts such apretty and feminine cut and pattern. I have been loving romrompesince last summer. I would love to pick up a swing dress so maybe I will venture to gap and do so as you suggested.


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