Thursday, July 28, 2016

Flamingo Birthday Pool Party

Oh dear, as I'm downloading all these flamingo pool party pics to my very temperamental Mac, I hope to dear God that they exist somewhere in cyber space. Otherwise, it will be my mom's random iPhone shots to the rescue.

A's pool party. A flamingo pool party. Because when Mom searched for  pool party invites on Etsy, the most appealing one found was a flamingo one. 

With our info of course. #internetcraziesbegone

And then we found this
(the flamingo, not the daughter)


 So heading to the party...

It was one of the hottest days of the year so far.... and Canada isn't known for it's hot weather... but we are island people so when we say hot it was HOT! Here are a few of the deets:

Flamingo punch (pink lemonade)
Water (lots of it)
Sidenote: I wanted to do pool juice (aka Hawaiian punch) but man, when  I saw the ingredients, I couldn't

Shrimp wantons (because flamingos eat shrimp)
 Veggies and fruit skewers (obvs)
Pepper jelly dip and chips (my friend made it and I'm obsessed with this new recipe)
Pinwheel sandwiches
 Eats also included:
Fried chicken sliders
corn on the cob
cole slaw and
quinoa salad
(As with all our parties, people were well fed)

 And then the fun. I hired my girls' swim instructor (and her brother) to lifeguard and play games with the kids. But seriously, the kids didn't need it. They just played... and played... and played.

And then we spread a picnic blanket inside. They ate and then there was cake. 
We tried a homemade version this year. #lemoncakeforthewin. My friend Dani also helped with the frosting. Add some vanilla ice cream (for national ice cream day) and it's what Charlie Sheen would call winning! And saving money.

 With two thirds of our guests (a few had to leave as the kids did not want to get out of the pool so the party ran late and long).

My little one had the best time celebrating with her friends! And it was a super low key,  fun one for the adults as well. We actually got some time to sit and chat with friends. AND eat the food. That never happens!

 Oh and beach towels for party favours for the win. Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah!

With flamingo cookies, rice krispie treats and flamingo pops to go home as well. #yourewelcomeparents 

 A super sweet party for our super sweet girl!

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  1. omg! how cute! this is like my dream party ahah! so summery and fun! awesome =)


  2. The party was perfection! The floaties, the clothes, the food! Everything turned out so well. Love the beach towel favor too! What a great idea and so practical. You definitely know how to throw a party!

  3. Glad the towels worked out for the favour! So nice you can have a pool birthday party, those were the best kinds as a kid.

  4. Her party looks like it turned out amazing! We're planning my little guy's first birthday nautical pool party but flamingos sound like more fun :) Beautifully Candid

  5. What a perfect little summer party! Love all the details...and that cake..super impressed! I love party favors that are functional like this instead of some junk I'm going to just throw away as soon as my kids turn their head. :) Great job mom!

  6. Looks like a super fun party! The cake is gorgeous :D

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  7. Oh my goodness, I love it all! That cake is amazing! I need to get Mila interested in flamingos so we can do this theme next year, haha. :)

  8. Such a fun party and theme! Seriously, you are so good at this Sarita!

  9. So cute! You did such a great job!

  10. I love all of this!! Pink is just a happy color and look at that happy birthday girl!!

  11. Adorable!! The party favors are perfect, and that food...I wanna come to all your parties from now on ;) Such an amazing spread, and such a happy looking birthday girl.

  12. What a cute theme for a pool party and it sounds like it was a huge success and a good time for the kids but also the parents. Your cake came out looking so great and better than most store-bought cakes. The party favors are so fun as well...I'm sure everyone had a blast!

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