Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Indulgences

Just a few of the things that bring me some happy in the too few summer months:

Sleeping in 
My girls are getting to the point that we can sleep in a bit if we don't have an early morning activity. 

Ice cream
Of the soft serve variety-- though we're really not picky and wouldn't throw a regular ice cream out or anything. #crazytalk

Beachy reads 
So many good summer reads that I don't have the time for during the year.  I reread some of my faves and buy and borrow new ones. Oh and we borrow audio books for long trips.

Binge worthy shows 
As my regular shows aren't around, we find a series sometimes and binge watch it. This is how we've become obsessed with shows like Mad Men, Parenthood and Revenge. This year, I've just started Friday Night Lights and I love it!

Chips n' dip 
We love summer appies and my faves are the organic chips as they taste like the ones from Mexican restaurants. Salsas, guacs and many other fresh concoctions, dips are definitely our go to's for simple snacks. 

Lack of schedules 
Last summer I was pretty good about going to the gym everyday but with the broken collarbone and not wanting to pay for daycare when I'm not regularly going, it's been a bit more challenging so I find myself doing workouts at home lots. Other than that, except when there is camp (like this week), we've been just taking it easy, playdates, reading and simple summer activities! 

Long walks 
Without going to the gym as much, I find myself taking after dinner strolls to explore our new neighbourhood, check out new houses and get my steps in.

Nordstrom anniversary sale
Shopping for fall in the middle of summer for discounted prices... yes PLEASE!!

White wine spritzers 
A little white, some sparkling water, lemon and lime... my friend Jenn introduced me to this one and we love it in this house. Though this year, sangrias have been high on our hit list as well.

Beachy Hair
Wash, messy bun, spray and go. #beachyhairdontcare. Lazy summer styling.

Did I miss any? What are your favourite summer indulgences?

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  1. Sounds like the perfect summer if you ask me. I am LOVING that purple swing dress too!

  2. I love a good bowl of chips and salsa ! I love summer and all the fun, becky reads and YES ice-cream.
    Hoping your week is wonderful !

  3. They are so big!!! And YUMMM to the ice cream!

  4. Seriously no schedule and sleeping in sound perfect....somehow I missed the memo on both this summer and it seems like it has flown by at a much faster pace! Give me all the chips...I'm currently on a 24 day challenge with no chips and no sugar and very limited alcohol..how in the world am I even standing upright?!! :) THanks for linking with us!

  5. A big yes to all of the above! Friday Night Lights is great, isn't it? One of my favorites - I miss it!

  6. It's so nice when kids get big enough to let you sleep in a bit. Summer days are the best!

  7. Nothing better than a late night FNL session with ice cream followed by sleeping in! Sounds perfect! Thanks for linking with us!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog - yours is gorgeous!
    I love it when little grand daughter comes to stay - girls
    are soooo fun!
    I am following you and would love for you to follow back.
    Have a nice week, Mimi

  9. I love how much time you guys are spending outside - that is what summer is all about! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. All such great things. We're enjoying summer too - I'm not looking forward to schedules again in the Fall!

  11. I get so much reading done during the summer and I love it! Wish I could keep that up during the rest of the year!

  12. Love that outfit with the back cut out and the bubble blowing.
    I never end up with time to read during the summer, I like to pick up the books come fall and then the start of the new year. Maybe I find it too hot to read, don't know!

  13. This all sounds like perfection - Nordstrom sale, ice cream, no schedules, sleeping in, and of course white wine spritzers <3
    Green Fashionista

  14. Two thumbs up for Friday Night Lights! We binge watched that late last year/early this year and it's so good. Sounds like a lovely summer and like you guys are settling in to the new place nicely.


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