Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What's Up Wednesday- March 2019

Hey there, lovelies! Here's a little catch up with What's Up, Wednesday! 

What we're eating this week
All of the veggies and protein with a little bit of beans and fruit and no sugar. After a week of indulgence, it's time to start all that healthy eating again!

Pictured: these awesome sushi bowls we had last weekend!

What I'm reminiscing about
Last week and all that beautiful sunshine and family time. Recap of Part 1 here.

What I'm loving
A's teacher is back from maternity leave and I couldn't be a bigger fan! 

What we've been up to
A little vacay, a LOT of laundry and back to work and reality.

What I'm dreading
I feel like I'm done with extra curricular but alas, we have three more months. The climbing temps make it easier though :-)

What I'm exciting about
All this warm weather and a whole lotta summer planning. 

What I'm watching/reading

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty- The only one of her older books that I haven't read.
Just finished the entire Parenthood series on in the background while I work or I'm around the house. Brothers and Sisters (for the second time as I watched it while it was actually on) is on now.

The Last Anniversary by [Moriarty, Liane]

What I'm listening to
All the podcasts! I've even found a way to put it on while I'm in the shower. Don't judge.

What I'm Wearing
I'm finally able to bust this city coat  out ( my mama 'bought' it for me on major sale for Christmas)... and lots of awesome spring shoes. 

What I'm looking forward to next month 
So much celebrating for a certain daughter who turns double digits... 10 on the 10th. This is the first year we are doing no birthday party but fear not, a whole lot of celebrating is going to be happening!

What else is new
A certain little lady has her first adjudicated violin festival coming up so it's a whole lotta' practicing going on. I'm so proud of how she has elevated her performance in the past few months. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!
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Monday, March 25, 2019

Mexico #1

Hello lovelies! How I've missed you and this little space of mine. I'm back revived and refreshed from a family vacay in Mexico. Fourteen of us, a big hotel mix up, lots of sunshine and sand (literally...I'm shaking sand out of everything!), margs and huevos ranchos. Great time, friends!!

Here a just a 'few' photos of the first two days. I actually don't have as many pics as I thought I did as I made more of a conscious effort to put my phone away for quite a bit of the trip. 

We stayed at the Azul Beach Riviera Cancun. Welcome drink for a few of us :-)

Sidenote, A spilt the punch moments after after this!

Grabbed a little lunch after. This is a part of the dessert section. My kids and nephews dominated these whenever we would let them especially the lollipops. 

Sooooo.... four out of the fourteen of us got placed at a sister resort, even though some family had confirmed reservations at our resort. Uggggg.... And the hotel just wasn't budging with anything.... not even free  day passes (the day passes were $90 USD per person).  They offered us to move all of us to another hotel (with not the best rooms as we were voluntarily moving). My sister in law basically stayed for four hours in the lobby arguing her case with the front desk manager.... She is an attorney and clearly a great one. 

Anyway after soooo much time, she finally managed to negotiate day passes for the four grandparents at the other resort. Phew but we were all so tired waiting around to see what was going on....

A little 'birthday cake' as well as a legit piece of cake for C's birthday.

We had Indian food for dinner and then some of us headed to the lobby and show. The others called it a night. 

In the lobby before the show. 

The next morning, we took an early morning walk to explore the resort. 

A little morning sand playing-- yes, please!

The beach BBQ had this lovely set up everyday. 

I'm in love with La Blanca swimwear and three of the four I took on vacay were from their awesome line. This one found here

We booked a beach cabana almost everyday and took short glorious naps there with the amazing ocean breeze. 

No caption necessary.

Lots of pool time for these kiddos. 

When did this kid get so good at selfies?

Dinner at the Mexican restaurant that night. The food was so delicious!

One of a very few of the fourteen of us. Us four, my parents, my in-laws, my brother and his family and my sister in law's parents. 

Another great show in the night! My kids were clamouring to get on the stage. 

Happy Monday, friends!

Back to the grind but those memories linger on....

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Top Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday! There's been a bit of radio silence here because a combo of deadlines, kids at home, getting ready for our trip and just overall busyness !!! I thought we'd just have a little fun today with this idea I borrowed from Dara of a whole lot of random top threes. Here are my answers below:

Favourite Trips

Good Housekeeping

Things I get at Costco
Organic Chicken
Cheese Whisps

Favourite Wardrobe Colours
Cobalt Blue

Things I wish I was better at
Back bends
Ignoring negativity

Dining Experiences:
George's- Toronto
Lee- Toronto

Things to do with my family
Family chats at dinner time
Monopoly Deal
Watch Little House on the Prairie

Favourite breakfasts
Buttered rye toast with avocado
Tomatoes and salt-fish with bake (a trini delight)

Trini aerobics
Kick boxing


Things I always keep in my pantry

Shopping for girls' clothes
Old Navy
Nordstrom Rack

Shopping for my clothes
Nordstrom Rack

Travel Must-haves:
Book or Kindle

Skin Care:
Face Wash
Vitamin C

So many fun ones! We might have to keep going another day!

Happy Thursday, lovelies! See you in a bit!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Currently and Prime Lately...

Yay for Wednesday before our March Break. Truth be told, there's not a whole lot currently going on with us as work is so hectic and the girls have us so busy but here we go! Linking up with Anne.

on how to eradicate youtube kids from my kids' lives. They literally watch kids playing with their toys. Play with your own toys,daughters!

not a whole lot just yet except for a chapter now and then of Love Does - such a heart-warming read. That's about to change soon though with our upcoming trip.

 these awesome low carb bagels for when I just need a little bread in my life. It certainly does the trick friends! 

starting some packing for our trip. Can you tell I'm excited!?

well.... that leads me to this month's Prime Lately with Tanya

This coverup is so lovely and so very affordable at less than $20. 

Adreamly Women's Pom Pom Trim Kaftan Stylish Chiffon Swimsuit Beach Cover up Free Size Navy Blue

I have about 10 old head phones but can't seem to find the one with the newer iphone jack so this  headphone adaptor does the job for a really great price.

I've been wanting to try derma-rolling for a while now so I bought this very affordable, very highly rated derma-roller.... let's see how it works. 

Derma Roller Microneedling Kit for Face and Body - Microneedle Facial 540 Titanium Micro Needles 0.25mm - Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Needle Roller - Includes 3 Free Ebook Downloads & Storage Case

So my kids won't fight sharing the iPad on the plane, this headphone splitter will be a life saver.

What have you been up to lately! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, March 4, 2019

TBB Asks - All the Shopping

Yay for March and the warmer temps I'm willing to come our way!!! This month on one of my very favourite link ups, TBB Asks, it's all about shopping! Yep, another favourite topic of mine. Here we go!

Top 3 Shops
Hmmmm. They totally differ whether it's online or in-store but if I had to choose top three overall it would be Amazon, Target (I even cross the border for it) and Nordstrom (both regular and Rack). Honorary mention goes to Sephora.

2- In-Store or online
Online for sure! I'm a total convert for the convenience and reviews.  But I make an exception in-store for Target. 

3- Favourite things to shop for
Another tough one but I'd have to say clothes for my kids! If there's a second place, as there is so often is it's makeup and skin care for myself! Then followed by maybe clothes for me.

4- What do you just hate shopping for?
Appliance shopping can be a long and somewhat tedious process but it's so long term, we have to do it from time to time. 

5- What's your favourite thing you've ever bought...
Ohhhh that's so tough! It might be two winter coats I bought almost ten years ago during a major black Friday sale - one white and one grey. I got one for less than $40 and one for less than $80 and I still get compliments for them-- especially the cheaper one!

6- Do you prefer shopping alone or with others?
Maybe alone. Though a second opinion is lovely for bigger purchases!

7- Biggest bargain?
See above... Oh and this warmest winter Gap jacket that I got for C when she was 18 months that two or three  other kids used after.... I think I paid a little over $20 for it! 

Let me take a minute to be a little sad that babies don't keep!

8- Thrift stores?
No, I haven't but so many people have such success with it. I don't know if I have the eye for it. 

 9- Best Cities for shopping?
The World Wide Web. LOL. Seriously, with globalisation, I'm okay!

1- Who's your fashion icon?
Well, I really struggled with this one but I love the fashion choices that Amal Clooney, Victoria Beckham and Charlotte York!

Happy Monday, friends! Make your week a wonderful one!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday Favourites- Vitamins

Happy Friday! Are you a fan of supplemental vitamins and minerals like I am? Not everyone is, but I really love getting some extra help. I legit feel stronger, healthier and better. I know the very best way to get our vitamins is through food sources but when we can't eat four oranges daily that's not always possible. 

Sidenote, I pay a little extra for better vitamins as I do think it makes a big difference.

Here are five of my very favourites. Please note, I'm not a physician and in no means is this intended to be health advice but these work for me. 

1- A really good multivitamin catering to Active Women. I love the Progressive Brand that a cousin introduced me to many years ago and I've been using it since . I love the little extra stuff that it has catering to women who are on the move. 

Progressive MultiVitamins for Active Women 60s

2- The Wellness Mama podcast and The Found My Fitness People both recommend a fish oil supplement and apparently the best type is algae as it's right from the source and is more shelf stable than actual fish oil. This is the one I use.

Flora DHA Vegetarian Algae 60 Vegetarian Softgels

3- I read somewhere about the importance of taking magnesium supplements when you are in your thirties and beyond and I've done it ever since. It's great for bone health, calcium absorption, heart health and overall  metabolic well-being. Check, check and check! I love this one!

SISU Magnesium

4- Love a good B 12  for added energy as I don't really eat red meat. The Sisu brand is one of my faves.  

Sisu Vitamin B12

5- And of course, all of us in North America should be taking a Vitamin D in the winter time as we don't get enough sunshine exposure. It also helps with energy levels, bone and teeth health, cardiovascular optimisation and protection against a plethora of conditions.  On the advice of a naturopath, I switched to drops, take more than the recommended dosage and really love it. 

Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops with Vitamin K2 MK7 ★ New ★ Full 2000IU Per Drop - Vitamin D 2000 IU Effective, Safe - 4-5 Times Stronger than Other Brands - 900 Doses in 1 Oz Dropper Bottle

This is my morning routine. I know it's best to have different vitamins at different times of the day but I totally forget so I do it all in the am.

Are you a vitamin fan? If so, which ones are your jam.  Sound off in the comments below. 

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